What is the wider curriculum and climate in which this teaching takes place?

Clinical Education

What are the requirements of your reflection?
The client needs to critically reflect on 3 of their teaching plans, relating it to learning and teaching theories. The client teaches both Doctors and nurses.
This section should briefly explain the important details and considerations of your teaching experiences/ artefacts. This should be supported by evidence from the literature, for its design. It should also clearly explain how it aligns with and is informed by your teaching philosophy presented in Part A. This section could be written in the 1st or 3rd person, whichever seems most appropriate. Again, it must be appropriately referenced.
This section should include the following information.

1. Brief summary of three experiences/artefacts
The description should consider the following:
The subject area
Topic (e.g. communication skills), the discipline of the students and their level of study (e.g. final year nursing undergraduate), the number of students? What are you hoping to achieve through this teaching?

The teaching approach
What you did (was it what you planned)? If not, why not? Is it teacher-led or self-directed, will learners’ work in groups, individually or as a class? What support will you give for particular tasks, what format the activities will take?

The context
What is the wider curriculum and climate in which this teaching takes place? In this section, it might be relevant to mention assessments that relate to your teaching activity, other teaching activities that it builds upon and any political drivers. Is the teaching just facilitated by yourself or are there co-tutors?

Do you know whether you have achieved your aims? How do you know if your teaching did or did not work?

2. In-depth rationale
This is the most difficult bit, but it is critical to the success of your assignment. You need to explain why you have made all of your decisions about the aims, approaches, structure, resources, assessment and evaluation. In doing so, you need to explicitly take into account the context, the philosophy presented in the formative assignment and the relevant literature. You will be judged, in part, on how well you have managed to tie your teaching experiences/ artefacts to the learning theories and other literature introduced in your learning philosophy.

You could either integrate this rationale with the three descriptions or as a separate section at the end.

3. Reflections
At the end of the proposal, give a reflective account of what you have learned through writing this assignment. This should be personal yet critical (i.e. it should demonstrate that you can weigh up alternative perspectives). It does not need to be referenced.

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