What neurological changes could be taking place?

Case #2 Eating Disorder, Personality, Mood Disorder? – . The secretary has booked you a 45 minute psychiatric evaluation. The parents of a 16-year old female has transferred services from a another psychiatric outpatient setting after a recent move in geography. Records are unavailable. Their daughter has a history of depression. She had always been conscientious of her weight and is a picky eater. The parents found laxatives under her bed. This is all you get. Your job is not to diagnosis but to research and add more to what possibly underlies all this. For example: What neurological changes could be taking place? What are psycho-social aspects. You have a lot here. Involve the readings. Expand on any aspect… All responses or postings are required to be written in a scholarly manner and should not exceed two pages single spaced. All references correctly must me cited in APA style. Please observe conventions of APA style as outlines in chapters two and three of the APA manual. Your response should include at least three questions, labs, and/or tests, if relevant to the weekly topic. You must search and cite two peer-reviewed articles from the literature that explore your topic. Case studies may be detailed or very vague. Go with the information you have and begin critical thinking. What do you suspect? What could be the problem? Use the known as a basis and explore the possibilities as it relates psychiatric diagnoses and treatment. Support your statements.

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