What skills/knowledge did you discover you lacked? How can you acquire these?

Clinical experience and reflection paper Health Education

This clinical practice experience is intended to expose students to new public health nursing actions in the community. This final reflection is also a summary of your clinical experiences. You will choose one clinical experience to complete during four hours and then will write a paper reflecting on the experience. Instructions: The student will participate a health education program for four hours in order to experience the work of a public health nurse. This should be done at the site of the public health nurse interviewed for the previous clinical experience paper. Suggested sites for the clinical practice experience include, but are not limited to the following: Private or public school nurses, faith-based or parish nurses, nurses in the health department, nurses working for screening companies, nurses in the community health department of a hospital, nurses at nurse-managed health centers, nurses working at minute-clinics or pharmacy clinics, nurses working for home health or hospice agencies, nurses working in hospital clinics, nurses working in city clinics, nurses working in occupational health offices, case managers outside of hospitals, nurses working in assisted living institutions, gyms such as YMCA, senior centers, senior meetings, health fair offered by your worksite, volunteer organizations doing screenings for Million Hearts program, Wear-Red-Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, and other programs, American Red Cross, community mental health centers You will plan to do a screening or a health education program for a small group. You will spend 4 hours planning and working with the group. Your reflection will be an evaluation of the process and the program that you completed. This should be 3-4 pages of text. Within the paper, you must include a picture of you doing the screening or the health education program. Briefly describe your project: Describe your project: health education-topic, time, place, population, Explain how this project developed. Describe the need for this project. Describe the project goal, objectives, and project plan (including lesson plan). Keep data on attendance: age, gender, questions, and materials given out. What are the ethical issues to consider while doing this program? What were the barriers for implementing this project? Describe how these barriers were overcome and how they affected the outcome. Evaluation: Describe how the group responded. Did you meet the objectives? How was it received by the participants? By the staff? How did you evaluate the response? How did you feel doing this project? What would you do differently next time? Is more education needed for this population? What are your positive and negative feelings about the experience, the people you interacted with, and the overall experience? What skills, knowledge, theory learned in previous classroom settings did you apply? What skills/knowledge did you discover you lacked? How can you acquire these? Were the approaches you used in primary and secondary prevention activities effective? Why or why not? What would you do differently? To conclude your paper, write a summary including your reflections on public health nursing. What did you learn about the role of the public health nurse in regards to their impact on keeping America healthy? What insights did you gain that may help you in your nursing practice? What impact might this experience have on your lifelong learning?

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