What type of credentials must a nurse have to be eligible to work in this setting?

Second Clinical experience on Staten Island and reflection paper

The purpose of this second clinical experience is to expose students to new nursing environments and new nursing actions and skills. The student will learn about the roles of nurses in the community. Choose one clinical experience site to visit during four hours, interview the nurse and then will write a paper reflecting on the experience. Instructions: For this second clinical experience, students will investigate the role of the public health nurse through a minimum of a four-hour clinical practice experience with a public health nurse. Upon completion of this clinical practice experience, students will submit a 3-4 page reflective narrative. Guidelines for the interview and reflective narrative are listed below. This list provides sites which hire nurses in the community and are eligible for use: Private or public school nurses, faith-based or parish nurses, nurses in the health department, nurses working for screening companies, nurses in the community health department of a hospital, nurses at nurse-managed health centers, nurses working at minute-clinics or pharmacy clinics, nurses working for home health or hospice agencies, nurses working in hospital clinics, nurses working in city clinics, nurses working in occupational health offices, case managers outside of hospitals, nurses working in assisted living institutions, volunteer organization doing screenings, American Red Cross nurses, community mental health center nurses Call the institution and ask for the nurse. Explain that you are taking a public health nursing course and would like to interview the nurse and talk about the nursing role in the institution. Set up an appointment then visit the nurse and complete the interview. Write a 3-4 page reflection on your interview and your experience. During your visit with the public health nurse, you will inquire about the role, the population served, and the services provided. Below are additional questions to ask if appropriate to the situation. Name the role of the nurse and describe the setting. How does the nurse describe the job? What types of care are provided for clients in this setting? What type of credentials must a nurse have to be eligible to work in this setting? What specific skills are necessary in this type of nursing role? How is nursing care reimbursed for the institution? Is it covered under insurance or are these voluntary services? Explain. How are outcomes measured? How does the nurse know her/his actions are effective? What opportunities are there for inter-professional collaboration in this role? Discuss the population served, ask about their health issues, strengths & needs of the population, and how health issues can be prevented.

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