What would be the various dimensions of the context(s) for implementation?

Policy and Leadership


The purpose of this paper is to take the analysis you have undertaken in Assignment 2 in relation to your project or thesis topic in health and/or nursing and consider how you would facilitate change in your organization or policy context to implement the changes you would like to see. You may wish to ask yourself the following questions as you approach the paper. The questions may or may not be relevant to your particular issue. • What would be the goals for change? How do those goals relate to (or not relate to) the organization’s strategic plan and/or provincial/federal policy directives? • Given the various dimensions of this issue or policy, what needs to be considered in the particular context you’ve identified in order for change to occur? • What would be the various dimensions of the context(s) for implementation? • What would be the forces influencing the implementation of changes/ the policy or practice (both external and internal to the organization)? • What would be the levers for change? • Who would be the partners you would need to work with? • How would you as a leader work with those levers for change within the organization, and in partnership with others, to facilitate change? • How might you address the most important facilitators and barriers? • What might you do to recognize and act when progress is being made or not? The paper would conclude with a realistic, short summary of the situation, a conclusion, the implications and the next steps forward to be taken by nurses/nurse practitioners. This paper should be no more than 15 pages in length (excluding title‐page and references), double‐spaced in 12‐pt. font. The paper should be formatted and referenced according to the manuscript preparation guidelines in the APA Publication Manual 6th ed. No abstract is needed. It is quite acceptable to integrate portions of earlier assignment(s) into this assignment. Further info: This paper is for you to think about moving policy into action and implementing and change. Like Assignment 2, I’m expecting you to do some analysis of the dimensions of the policy and context, etc. The intent is for you to consider and think through the policy in light of particular context(s) in which the policy would be implemented and what may influence (or has already influenced) that implementation. I’ve used the word “you” in the directions, perhaps more than needed. I’m not expecting you personally to move policy into action. You will be part of that movement though. So your writing should be in active voice and thinking about being part of the change. You should not need to work in first person. This is not a personal essay. Please do not use Kouzes and Posner as your main reference for how to implement as a leader. If you do choose to write about how you as a leader will work with the levers of change – etc., make sure you do not fall into “shoulds” or “musts” or “needs to” (see the Discussion posting from me on Assignment 2 follow-up) For example, think about the who-what-where-when-how of implementing policy and go to the evidence around implementation on or uptake of your topic. This will likely be found in the research evidence, and/or evaluation documents. Many of you looked at strategies and position papers as part of your analysis for Assignment 2. There is a lot of advice and recommendations in these documents on how to go forward with the particular issue and what policy is needed. But much of it is “acontextual”. The whole notion of “rolling out” suggests that there can be a policy formulated in one place (and time) and then just uncritically implemented in other places and situations. It would be important to think about that assumption. You may want to include some of your analysis from Assignment 2 in this paper. That’s OK but I’m expecting that it will be fully incorporated into this new argument and not just cut and pasted. If you did write about a policy in Assignment 2, you’ll likely introduce the policy with a synopsis of the policy and its strengths and weaknesses in light of its implementation. If you did not actually write about a policy in Assignment 2, but rather just talked about background, and some of the strategies and position papers, it will be critical to have an brief analysis of the policy itself in Assignment 3.

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