why are nurses important?

Hello I need help with an essay. It has to be 5-7 pages and the topic is why are nurses important?. I need it back by Saturday if possible. Here are some paperwork. It needs too be in APA format and at least 5 reliable sources but I have included some on the research proposal you can add your own if necessary. The information in my research proposal needs to be included in my paper. Can you help me?
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Janaya Bradley
November 22, 2015
Dr. Nyman
Research Proposal
The topic I chose for my research paper is to explain why nurses are important in today?s
world. I picked this topic because I am currently in college trying to pursue my career in nursing.
I want to be a registered nurse because I love to help people and I want to give back to my
community. The world will always need nurses and doctors, without us no one will be in the
hospitals to help others. Nursing requires a lot of knowledge due to the importance of their jobs.
It is so much they have to know because they have to know the signs and things about their
patients. While being a nurse you have to sacrifice a lot of things such as working on holidays,
working 12 hour shifts, being on call at all times and having to leave when needed. They really
don?t get to spend a lot of time with their families if they have one. We really need nurses in
today?s world.
In my research paper I plan on informing the audience about what a nurse is, why they
are important, and other things like the requirements to become one and the risks and things they
take. My thesis statement is ?When the doctor and other physicians are busy, you can always
count on a nurse?. As you stated before at this point we won?t really have a thesis or eventually it
might change due to more research and the depth of our paper. Right now it?s not the best but I
know it will eventually come to the surface. Your thesis statement should tie your whole paper
together. It shouldn?t just be a sentence but a proposition that at the end of the research you
should be able to defend.
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My topic is interesting because the nursing field is big. Most woman that go to college
are going to become a nurse. You ask anyone what they want to be they will say a nurse. Of
course they pay a lot but most people are not in it for that because if they knew all that they had
to go though they wouldn?t want that to be their major. The nursing field is very interesting
because you get to see different things every day. You do something different every day. I want to
pursue my thesis because if you think about it, when the doctor and they are too busy to help and
assist you, who can you count on? The nurse because that?s somewhat part of their job to be
there for you. That?s why they are important because if it wasn?t for those people would never be
helped and stuff because the doctors would be too busy to help them. The nurse are there for you
when you need them not only for the patients but for the families and friends of the patients. The
medical field will always need nurses and doctors. People don?t understand what nurses go
through. All the risks and sacrifices they have to endure. I really think the audience will find this
information interesting because a lot of people are not aware of all that nurses go through.
can?t wait to become a nurse because my mom is currently ill with cancer and it has got to a
point now where they don?t know how long she will leave, so every chance I get I try and go
home to be with her and help take care of her. I love being able to help her and make her as
comfortable as possible. It feels really good to help my mom and give back to her because she
took care of me all of my life. So what?s making sure she take her medicine or fixing her food.
It?s nothing wrong with giving back. I love to help people and make sure they are okay. I
volunteer all the time at a local nursing home. Nursing is really what I want to pursue and I will.
The methods I plan on taking to make my research paper the best it can be is going to the
library, using the web and of course all the methods my professor will give me. By going to the
library I mean looking in books to get information such as the life of a nurse. Most of my
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