Why did this country democratize? Why did this country adopt this electoral system?

Our course focuses on democracy around the world. For your course paper, you should write a 3-page paper applying the political experiences of one country (other than the United States)(Chose a South American country) to the any of the concepts covered throughout the course. The idea behind this assignment is to give you the opportunity to engage the course material in the context of a country in which are you most interested. This will also give you the opportunity to share what you learn with your classmates.Your paper should not just be descriptive. You should have a central thesis statement which indicates the main argument of your paper in the introduction. Examples include:The case of this country reveals how modernization theory applies in practice.The case of this country reveals the shortcomings of cultural modernization theory in explaining political change.The case of this country reveals that certain electoral systems are better suited to the social and political contexts of certain countries.You may wish to focus on a particular time period or aspect of political development within your country to make your point regarding the concepts about which we learned in class. For instance, depending on the concept about which you choose to write, you may wish to address questions like: Why did this country democratize? Why did this country adopt this electoral system? What are the consequences of this country’s political institutions? Addressing such questions will necessarily mean that you focus on particular points in a country’s history.You do not have to summarize all of a country’s political history (it’s only a 3 page paper), but you should demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the major, relevant political events that have occurred.Organization of the PaperBelow is a detailed description of the organization you should follow for your paper. You may want to include section headings in your paper, but this is not required.Introduction (1 short paragraph, less than half a page)In a thesis statement, you should indicate how the concept(s) applies to the country case.Explain the concept(s) (½ page)Briefly (in 1 paragraph) explain the theory or concept. Where applicable, be sure to specify which scholar(s) are responsible for developing this idea. For instance, if you talk about the exit, voice, and loyalty game, you should attribute this to Hirschman (1970).Country Case (1 page)Explain how the concept applies to your country case. This section should make up the bulk of your paperReaction (½ page)Does this country case suggest any revision to the concepts about which we have discussed? In what ways does this country case confirm the concepts/theories?Conclusion (1 short paragraph, less than half a page)Briefly summarize your main point.Technical RequirementsPoints will be deducted for not meeting the following requirements:Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, 1’’ margins, no excessively large headers3 academic sources (see more on this below)Late papers will be penalized a half-letter grade for each day they are late (including weekends).Five percent of the grade on your course paper will be based on your presentation & discussion of your research during the final two weeks of class.Warnings: You will automatically receive a failing grade on the paper if you do one of two things. One is by not writing about any of the concepts covered in class & the other is writing about the US or another country we studied in class.It is critical to write about concepts covered in the course in order to receive a passing grade on your paper. If you do not apply any of the concepts covered in class, you will not receive a passing grade on your paper.Do NOT write about the US, Mexico, Iran, Russia, or the UK. You will not receive a passing grade if you write about these countries.Sources for Course PaperYour paper must include a minimum of 3 academic sources (that are not course materials we read for class). Your grade will be penalized if you have not referenced appropriate sources for your paper. Generally, academic sources refer to books and journal articles. Newspaper articles and websites do not count as academic sources.DO NOT CITE WIKIPEDIA under any circumstances in your paper. Wikipedia is open source and, while it often has useful and sometimes accurate general knowledge, it is NOT an academic or an authoritative source. This, of course, also means you should not use information from Wikipedia that you have not verified elsewhere. You should also not plagiarize from Wikipedia. Please be aware that it is exceptionally easy to detect plagiarism from Wikipedia (and many other sources). Please see the section below regarding academic honesty for more information on plagiarism.Not citing Wikipedia is part of the larger point about using the appropriate academic sources. You should also not be relying on an assortment of websites to obtain information. Things like the CIA fact page are also not good academic sources although they may provide useful background information.

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