Why most PowerPoint presentations suck: And how you can make them better.

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Re:Topic 3 DQ 1

It is essential that information is transferred in the process of influencing, convincing and persuading individuals on given agenda. Within the field of nursing, communication plays a vital role in ensuring that every person surrounding the nurses is reached with the correct information. As such, different communication tools can be used to avail information to the patients, the co-workers, and the administration as stated by Huber, (2014).

In the process of presenting an idea that would improve the patient care for the patients to the upper management, the best communication tool to use would be the Humanizing Nursing Communication Approach. According to Finkelman, (2015), the Humanizing Nursing Communication Theory provides that all the individuals within the team of managements is a person and has feelings. As such, through the communication plan, it would be important to target the individual’s empathetic side in the process of explaining the vision of the idea presented. According to Huber, (2014), through appealing to the empathetic aspect of the management, it is possible to make human connections and target the emotional side of the same and thus persuade the same into supporting and funding the idea.

Also I would apply PowerPoint presentation for communicating an idea of how to improve patient care to upper management. PowerPoint allows for summarizing of the main point in text box and an explanation in the notes area (Altman, 2012). The 6 by 6 rule ensures that there are at most six points per slide each containing six words to ensuring that main ideas are captured. Six words per sentence can allow passing of complete idea. ‘Attend to patients within six minutes’ is a six worded sentence that is communicative in nature. PowerPoint puts emphasis on the ideas through a recorded narration that runs concurrently with the words being shown. A presentation will run for less than five minutes than preparing a report that may take a half an hour to go through after the employing of brief contented and complimented by a narration. PowerPoint is good way of putting an idea in a near practical way.

However, other communication models can be employed to ensure the plan is presented correctly to the management. The other communication tools that would be used include non-verbal communication such as smiling, maintaining eye contact with the management teams and the use of positive body language in the process of presenting the idea to the team. Moreover, having all the information well prepared beforehand will ease the process of introducing the concept to the management and hence allow for the management to seek clarification at any time and receive immediate feedback on the same. Through the utilization of the named communication models, it is possible that the upper management may fund and support the patient care idea.


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