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Objective of this Assignment: To demonstrate how well you can recognize, explore, and discuss the impacts of social determinants of health on people’s lives. In other words, we want to see that you are able to connect people’s individual circumstances to the surrounding social systems. How you will demonstrate your knowledge: You will use select course concepts to interpret the novel lullabies for little criminals by Heather O’Neill, and you will write an essay expressing your argument. By “argument,” we mean that you must go beyond making simple observations or summarizing the novel. To do this work, you will first create a strong thesis statement based on one of the four (4) topics listed below. You will defend, or argue for, this thesis throughout your essay. Topic 1: Canada has a free universal health care and welfare programs to support low-income families. Yet, the gaps in health and life expectancy between the rich and the poor have gotten larger since the introduction of universal health care. With reference to Jules’s life, write an argumentative essay to explain why the current free universal health care and welfare programs fail to address rising gaps in health and life expectancy between the rich and the poor. Topic 2:Using course concepts and materials explain how your housing and neighbourhood condition and opportunities influenced your early childhood development, health, and wellbeing compared to Baby’s? Topic 3 : The context of people’s lives determine their health behaviours, including eating and smoking behaviours. Explain how Baby’s context influenced her access to nutritious food and eating behaviour. Topic 4: With reference to Baby’s life, write an essay that agrees or disagrees with the idea that income is the most important social determinant of health. Late Submissions (applies to both part 1 and part 2 of assignment) Late penalty: 10% off assignment grade per 24 hours late submission for a maximum of 5 days. After 5 days, the assignment grade will be zero. Example: If the final essay were due on November 20 at 7:00 pm. Date and time submitted Penalty Any time up until November 20, 7:00 pm No penalty Between November 20, 7:01 pm and November 21, 7:00 pm 10% Between November 21, 7:01 pm and November 22, 7:00 pm 20% Between November 22, 7:01 pm and November 23, 7:00 pm 30% Between November 23, 7:01 pm and November 24, 7:00 pm 40% Between November 24, 7:01 pm and November 25, 7:00 pm 50% After November 25, 7:00 pm 0 Essay Instructions Once you receive the feedback on your thesis and outline, it will be time to get to work on the second part of your assignment! Steps to follow for Final Essay Step 1 Carefully consider your TA’s feedback on your outline. If you have any questions or concerns, visit your TA during office hours or make an appointment. Step 2 Revisit the novel and course material as needed to strengthen any parts of your outline that need clarification or more detail. Step 3 Consult the Final Essay Rubric for details about what constitutes a strong essay (the rubric will be posted on on Q in week 6). Step 4 Write a rough draft of your essay. At this point, don’t worry about getting it “perfect”; just try to get your ideas on the page. The draft should include: An introductory paragraph that ends with your thesis statement Body paragraphs that each develop one and only one point that is articulated in a topic sentence (come to a Writing Workshop in week 7 to learn more about paragraphing) Judicious use of quotations and evidence (come to one of the Writing Workshops in week 7 to learn more about quotations and using evidence). Step 5 Revise, revise, revise! Read your work aloud while you edit and proofread. Aim to have the rough draft completed at least one week before the final essay is due so you have time for this very important step. Step 6 Format your essay as per the instructions on the following page, and make sure you cite your sources using proper APA citation style (see p. 7 of this instruction guide). Step 7 Submit your essay. Essay Length 1500 words Include a word count at the end of your essay (this will include your title and in-text citations, but not your reference list). Don’t fudge: remember that we can verify the word count. Over the word count: If you exceed the word count by more than 100 words, you will lose a grade step (e.g., from a B- to a C+). If you exceed by more than 250 words, you will lose a full grade (e.g., from an A to a B). Under the word count: If you write less than 1250 words, your argument is either overly simplistic or not explained well enough. Talk to your TA well before the due date if you have trouble finding enough to say. Essay Format Margins 1 inch, or 2.54 cm Spacing Double Font Times New Roman, 12 point Title Page NO First Page Header On the left, single spaced (just like Thesis and Outline template), include: Name and Student number HLTH 101 TA’s name Date Page Numbers YES! Insert in the top right-hand corner, starting on page 2. Title Centred at top of first page, not in header. Paragraph Style Indent the first line of each paragraph (one “tab”). Don’t leave extra space between paragraphs. APA Citation Style When you paraphrase someone else’s ideas, or quote someone’s words, you must acknowledge the original source, both in citations in the text of your essay and in a reference list that you attach to it. Remember: you do not need to use sources from outside HLTH 101. For instructions about proper APA citation and how to create a reference list, visit the Owl at Purdue Online Writing Lab: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/02/ Refer to the left-hand menu for the different kinds of sources you might need to include in your reference list. DO NOT follow the APA guidelines for general format (i.e., you do not need a title page, running head, or abstract). To format your essay, follow the essay format directions provided on p. 6 of this assignment instruction guide.

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