Women studies thematic reflection

Purpose Reading is a heavy component of Intro to Women Studies, especially with the online version of the course, which lacks opportunities for real-time discussion. Reading women studies texts can be very challenging both academically and personally. Many texts are analytically dense, full of unfamiliar references, and sometimes difficult to decipher. Furthermore, many texts cover issues of injustice that can be emotionally exhausting, especially for those of us who have been directly affected by such injustices. This assignment will improve your ability to interpret, process, and connect texts through writing across multiple sources to draw out and develop themes and analyses. Doing so will amplify your learning substantially allowing you to better grasp content as well synthesize ideas, retain more content, and solidify your knowledge. Content Each reflection paper should choose a minimum of three required readings from the prior five-week period to put in conversation with each other. You choose which three readings from each section to cover based on your interest. More than three readings is excellent. Citing film clips, peer discussion comments, or Instructor comments is excellent. But be absolutely certain to attend to the minimum requirements (rigorous engagement with at least 3 required texts) first. Include enough summary/review of each reading to show your comprehensive understanding of the content there. Include references to your chosen authors by last name, with page numbers for quotations Include a thematic discussion on a theme of interest to you that runs through your three selected readings. Each thematic entry should include: a discussion/analysis of a chosen theme (such analysis might include any of the following): compare and contrast of authors different takes on a chosen theme (i.e., concept, topic, issue) discussion of how authors complement or build on each others ideas on a chosen theme critique of omissions by authors or of finer points of their argument Any other approach that appeals to you for structuring your thematic discussion. OPTIONAL: Reflection on how the theme is relevant in your life and community (do this in addition to [not instead of] the deep engagement with texts, and only go as deeply as you feel comfortable…). Remember the first rule: Take care of yourself. Format 500-750 words (approximately 2-3 typewritten pages, double spaced with one-inch margins and 12-point font) In clear, concise, and appropriate prose with attention to style, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Reading material will be attached in PDF form, besides the following the link..please include all three readings: https://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/45a/252.html

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