Write a case study of the care given to an adult patient from your clinical area and your involvement with this.

The plan of the assignment needs to include the following:

1. A brief description of area of practice

2. Reason for choosing the particular case – identify at least one issue which prompted your interest in the case.

3. What condition is involved including diagnosis and presenting symptoms?

4. What is the agreed plan of treatment and care ? Did this planning involve the service user?

5. What members of the health care team were in involved in the decision making process regarding the plan of treatment and care?

6. What was your role / involvement in the plan of treatment and care including involving the service user?

Introduction: Ensure that this section provides the reader with key data about the patient/client e.g. age and diagnosis, and also ensure that it ‘sets the scene’ more generally e.g. provides information about patients/clients family and social context. Confidentiality of the patient must be adhered to and referenced in this section.

Main body: Provide some relevant information about the patient / clients health problems with reference to what you have learnt on the module. Remember the care of the patient/client receives will be related to the evidence base for care so bring this into the discussion. Also remember that the marking criteria require you to discuss your own contribution to the care. Ensure that you discuss the role of the, inter- professional team in relation to the care provided to your patient/client.

Conclusion: This section should not introduce new information about your patient/client. It should summarise and evaluate aspects of the care. Finally you should summarise what you have learnt from caring for this patient/client assessment.

Learning Outcome 1: Communication techniques, challenges in communication, applying communication techniques across a range of settings, communication techniques for patient education and health promotion.

Learning Outcome 2 Introduction to caring for patients within the hospital setting, home setting, and close to home, including assessment of needs and care planning. Principles of caring for the acutely ill patient, introduction to pain management, health screening, immunisation and communicable disease surveillance.

Learning Outcome 3 Introduction to the life cycle, the ageing process, principles of human development, end of life care, dignity, dementia care, introduction to caring for a patient with learning disabilities and complex needs. Learning Outcome 4 The role of the Nursing Associate within the MDT, role of the MDT in caring for patients across a range of settings, communication within the MDT and raising concerns.

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