write a comparative case analysis of the Nancy Cruzan case

Please write a comparative case analysis of the Nancy Cruzan case, described on page 264 of the Tong text, which was the first “right to die” case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. As part of your analysis, you will compare and contrast the Cruzan case with the Terry Shiavo case, described on page 267 of Tong (2007).

While the textbooks are a good starting point, you will need to utilize external resources in order to complete a thorough analysis. I recommend that you utilize the ESC Library’s Subject Guide for Community and Human Servicesopens in a new window to start your search for useful resources on each case. You may rely on both scholarly (academic) and popular resources to support your research, but any popular resources used must be reputable. For more guidance on finding sources, visit the Library’s Information Skills Centeropens in a new window.

This written assignment should be around 8 pages in length, and include references with appropriate citations in APA format. Your analysis should include these elements in a written essay.

I. Introduction

II. Comparative Analysis

A. Compare/Contrast the Practical Details of each case:

i. Identify the Who, What, When, Where and Why of each case (in brief)

B. Compare/Contrast the legal and ethical details of each Case:

i. Describe the issue or issues that were before the Court;

ii. Provide the rule or test that the Court applied in resolving each case;

iii. Present the facts that the Court found legally signiificant;

iv. Identify the Court’s reasoning and ruling on the case, and

v. Evaluate the public response to each case and the rulings.

III. Summary/Conclusion – Highlight the critical points of your analysis and summarize the importance of these two cases in the context of healthcare issues.

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