write a legal brief of the case, scenario or article about the legal issues in public accommodations, labor and employment.

1.) Choose 2 articles from the collection posted for this class in D2L Week 6 Articles folder.2). Using the FIRAC method explained below (and as outlined in the slides from week 1), write a legal brief of the case, scenario or article about the legal issues in public accommodations, labor and employment. Note: You must follow these guidelines to earn points for a well-written and on-point brief.Facts — Write the facts described in the source in four (4) sentences maximum. (One sentence will not be satisfactory to understand the scenario or case.)Issue — In two (2) sentences maximum, state the legal issue in the form of a question. For example: “When the hotel management company terminated all female employees in the bartender positions, did the hotel owner or the management company violate federal and state discrimination in employment laws?”Rule of Law — In four (4) sentences maximum, describe which laws, regulations, ordinances or other laws apply to this scenario.Application of the law to the issue(s) — Apply the rules to the facts of the case and explain or argue why a particular rule applies or does not apply to the scenario’s fact pattern. Then argue the facts of the matter from both sides while sticking to the rules before offering your opinion or position. It is important that you do not introduce any new rules or facts in order to make your point. Try to accomplish writing a complete application for the rules in four (4) to six (6) sentences. (One sentence will not be adequate coverage.)Conclusion — In this last part of your brief, clearly state your position on the matter – what is the result, decision, or outcome? You must choose a side! Writing that it could go either way or “it depends” is not taking a position on the matter. Choose your position and support it in the application of law section. Your conclusion should be stated in no more than three (3) sentences.the first article is:he fake employees would appear on the payroll and receive a paycheck. Anjanel would then askanother person to cash the checks and that person would give allof the money to the defendant…Anjanel would also wire themoney to Guatemala, using her own name and also asking otherswhom she knew to wire the money on her behalf…Over the twoyear period, Anjanel stole more than $300,000 from the twohotels…”A Lawrence woman was arraigned Friday on larceny charges forallegedly stealing more than $300,000 from two hotels where sheworked as a manager, according to a release from Middlesex DistrictAttorney Marian Ryan.Authorities allege that in 2010 when Anjanel was working as the manager of the Residence Inn at 1775 AndoverStreet in Tewksbury, she was responsible for and had access to hotel finances including payroll and petty cash, as well as the authority to make hiring decisionsthe second article:AUSTIN – A worker at an Extended Stay America hotel in downtown Austin has beenarrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman who had checked into the hotel.According to the arrest affidavit, Valerio Utrera, 28, was working at the hotel when five women checked into a roomApril 2. The five women were given four keys to the room around 5 p.m. and then an additional key was made forthe room around 3:30 a.m. April 3.Austin police said video showed Utrera reaching across the front desk counter and eventually crossing over thecounter to the employee side and repeatedly working with the room key making machine. Police said the managerof the hotel, also Utrera’s roommate, confirmed Utrera made the extra key.The five women told police that they had gone out later in the evening and two of them returned around midnight.The other three women returned a short while later. After this, one of the women said she woke up to find a handgoing into her yoga pants.The woman said she was confused and thought it could have been one of the other women. She said she slappedthe hand away from her pants five times and that the person allegedly assaulting her also grabbed her chest.The woman’s friend told police around that same time, someone took her cell phone off her couch while she waslying down. She said she then saw a cell phone light flash and the room door open, adding it looked like someonewearing white was in the doorway.The women then left their room to look for the stolen phone. One of the women had a conversation with Utrera in thelobby of the hotel and saw he was wearing a white shirt. Utrera, according to the arrest affidavit, told the women hewas waiting for his roommate to pick him up. Police said the women accused him of entering their room and he ran,but police were later able to arrest him at his home.Police said Utrera made the room key, entered the room with the intent to commit a sexual assault and then stolethe cell phone from one of the women. The cell phone was never found.Utrera faces a first-degree felony charge of burglary with the intent to commit a felony – sexual assault. He’s being held on a $60,000 bail and must stay at least 200 yards away from the hotel if he bonds out of jail.

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