.Write a paper analyzing the movie Freedom land by using key concepts and ideas from the perspective that you have chosen

To complete the essay you should do the following: 1.Read chapter one in Henslins Essentials of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach. 2.Watch the movie Freedomland. If you do not have access to this movie via Hulu, Netflix, etc., you can obtain the movie on Amazon by clicking the following link: https://www.amazon.com/Freedomland-Samuel-L-Jackson/dp/B000I9VXPO/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=freedomland&qid=1560106537&s=gateway&sr=8-2 3.Choose one sociological perspective conflict theory, functionalism, or symbolic interactionism. 4.Write a paper analyzing the movie Freedom land by using key concepts and ideas from the perspective that you have chosen. Include the following elements: introduction, clear but brief explanation of the movie, detailed summary of the theoretical perspective, analysis of the movie through the lens of the perspective (this should constitute the majority of your paper), and conclusion. oDefine key concepts as you use them throughout your paper. oProvide evidence for your claims by using examples from the movie. 5.Cite your sources in the body of your essay and by providing a works cited page using a style guide of your choice. oMinimum of two sources. One of the sources may include the course textbook but the other sources must be from a library book or academic journal article. Please, no websites or text books from other courses. 6.Include a title descriptive of your paper. A descriptive title is one that reflects the main argument of your paper. Thus, simply stating Essay #2, Freedomland, Functionalism, or anything similar, does not constitute a descriptive title. 7.Save as either a Microsoft Word or Pdf file (no other file formats will be accepted). Formatting requirements: 3-4 pages (not including the works cited page), double-spaced 12 point font 1.25 inch margins Times New Roman. When grading your papers, I will among other things be considering the following: Student provided a detailed and accurate summary of the perspective. Student accurately defined concepts. Student provided a brief yet comprehensive summary of the movie. Student provided a thoughtful and in-depth analysis applying the perspective to the movie. oDid the student provide evidence for his/her argument, did the student explain why a particular scene reflects the concept that he/she is discussing, is there alignment between argument and evidence, etc. Quality of writing ex. grammar, spelling, organization, flow, sentence structure, etc. (an A paper is essentially free from errors). Citations (in text and works cited page). Accurately followed formatting requirements. Fulfillment of other expectations, including source requirements, inclusion of title, etc. Please see syllabus for late paper policies. Suggestions about how to approach the analysis from each perspective (warning for movie spoilers): Functionalism: Students can identify different dysfunctions throughout the movie (for example, Brendas lie could be construed as a dysfunction, creating imbalance in society). Students would have to be very specific about the particular actions that constitute dysfunctions in order to provide evidence for the imbalance that escalates with each dysfunction. They should also be very specific about how conditions were more balanced before the dysfunction occurred. FYI: merely identifying manifest and latent functions will not provide the depth of analysis expected to earn a higher grade on this assignment. Symbolic Interactionism: Students can use the three tenets of symbolic interactionism to identify how meanings are created through social interaction, how such meanings influence social interaction, and how meaning change through an interpretive process. Conflict Theory: Student should be very clear about what the conflict is actually about.

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