write an argumentative essay on a topic of your choice.

Essay 5: Argumentative Research Essay Using the classical structure of argument discussed in the Study Notes for Lesson 5, write an argumentative essay on a topic of your choice. You are free to use any of the topics youve written about previously in this course for the assignment. You may also use the ideas and selected content from your previous essays in this new paper, so long as the new paper is substantively different from any previous effort. For example, copying complete paragraphs from a previous paper and pasting it into the new paper would not be acceptable. However, using key points and/or taking excerpts from previous work and integrating that material into paragraphs in the new paper would be fine. If you have any questions, just ask. If you want to pursue a new topic, use exploratory writing to help you find a good topic. Make sure your topic interests you, is limited in scope, and has differing views. Use prewriting strategies to discover an appropriate topic. You will find a sample paper for a similar assignment in Lesson 8. The following topics or variations are not acceptable for this assignment: the death penalty, euthanasia, legalization of marijuana, medicinal marijuana, abortion, health care reform, welfare issues, and gun control. Stay away from topics that have been written about a lot because its often difficult if not impossible to bring anything new to the discussion. The essay should be between 900 1,200 words and have an introduction in which a written-out thesis is established. Body paragraphs should make distinct points that support the thesis. The essay should also have a conclusion. Your primary audience does not share your view, and your essay needs to address likely counter-arguments raised by the opposing side. Research is required for this assignment. The paper needs to use content from at least six outside sources, four of which must be academic or scholarly articles that will likely be found in one of the databases in the Wellehan Library weblink https://ezproxy.sjcme.edu/login?qurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ebscohost.com%2flogin.aspx%3fdirect%3dtrue%26db%3da9h%26AN%3d19876753%26site%3deost-live%26scope%3dsite link attached. Outside content needs to be cited properly within the paper and at the end per APA guidelines. The essay should follow all APA formatting requirements. Take your composition through several drafts before submitting for evaluation. You may want to submit a good draft to SMARTHINKING for feedback, revise, and submit to me for evaluation. For information about SMARTHINKING, please click the Smarthinking link under Student Resources in our course and then consult the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page. Submit this essay to your instructor following the submission guidelines established for the course: Name the file by your last name, course number, and writing assignment number Number (e.g., your last name eh107 WA 5).

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