you are required to discuss ONE management strategy for tinnitus

For your assignment you are required to discuss ONE management strategy for tinnitus.You should consider the following points in your writing:- Brief review of tinnitus epidemiology literature- Tinnitus risk factors / co-morbid conditions- Theories behind the chosen treatment; how does it work?- Evidence base for the chosen treatment- Briefly compare with other treatments- A case study (anonymised)Learning outcomes1. Develop a critical awareness of Counselling and Auditory Rehabilitation.4. Critically analyse the assessment and management of patients with tinnitus and the differentiation of tinnitus symptoms5. Outline what implantable devices are and critically evaluate their consideration for the management of hearing loss” You will be marked on:- Answers the question-Shows evidence of wide reading-Uses source materials, books journals etc – referenced using Harvard-Provides evidence, reasons-Is Analytical in structure-Compares and contrasts-Deals with a range of arguments-Is written in your own words-Follows a logical development from one point to another-Uses well constructed sentences and paragraphsSTRUCTURE:Introduction -this is where you indicate the evidence and arguments you are going to use for your essay – should be about 10% of your word countMain Body – This is your main discussion where you develop your argument. State facts and support with evidence. Make sure it is easy to follow and is in a logical sequenceConclusion – This paragraph should sum your main ideas and any conclusions you have come toYou should refer to a variety of sources:-Books-Academic journal-Periodicals-Newspapers-Articles-The internetPS: one of the source for journal article is : https://www.sciencedirect.comI do need 75% to pass this subject.

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