Admission essay of religion (300 words)

Admission Essay.

My faith journey has been a tough one, and it began when I was a child, but going through various life experiences has made me get the right perspective of faith. I was brought up in a family that highly valued Christian values, which was the start of my faith journey. My aim in life is to change the life of people by making them grow in faith, and I can achieve that by seeking education that will help me understand the purpose of life and be able to grow in faith. Getting an opportunity to join the Pepperdine University community will benefit me as apart from the education that I will be seeking, I want to grow in faith. The university offers a conducive environment for people from all walks of life to get an education and, at the same time, go through the journey of faith. 

Interacting with the Pepperdine University community will also help me get a better perspective of experiences other people have gone through in their quest for salvation. I previously was a leader in Christian societies in school and my hometown, and the experience has been enlightening, and I have learned a lot. By sharing my life experiences with the Pepperdine community, I believe I can add value to a person’s life. Getting an education and growing in faith will equip me with the necessary tools to go out in the world and impact the lives of people. I always believe the world can be a better place if people understand what faith is and commit to religions that exist in the world. When I impact one person’s life, the person will influence another person, which will create a ripple, and the world will change for the better.

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