Violation of Health regulations and laws (600 words)

Violation of Health regulations and laws.

Adopting technology in the health sector was meant to make work more manageable for healthcare professionals. If correctly used, technology can help improve communication in healthcare facilities and do work easier, hence enhancing the quality of healthcare offered to the people. Inappropriate use of technology by the staff in Featherfall has made the institution not achieve profitability. By wrongfully using the technology in their delivery of service, they are misappropriating the institution’s resources, making the organization incur extra expenses. The administration also has failed to ensure that the technology used in the organization is up to date. The management implements policies, but in this case, the administration of Featherfall failed in making the right strategies that would have to ensure the successful implementation of technology in the organization. When wrong policies are implemented, the operation of an organization is also negatively impacted. Before implementing the system, the management of Featherfall could have first considered the need of all the stakeholders. The presence of a transition process would have been significant as it could have been used to train the staff and ensure they were conversant with the technology.

Violating health regulations and laws regarding the use of technology have also been affecting the daily operations in Featherfall. One of the areas most affected is record-keeping, which will then affect other activities in the organization. In his article, Ludwick emphasizes the importance that electronic health records have in providing quality healthcare to people. When the daily activities are affected due to inappropriate or wrong use of the technology, the quality of healthcare reduces. It will affect the staff institution and patients in the long run. When patients do not get the services they want in the Featherfall, they will avoid seeking healthcare. Therefore, the revenue earned in the organization will reduce. Also, if a patient seeks legal action against the institution due to lousy service or wrong treatment, which may be due to poor records keeping because of improper use of technology, the institution will suffer. Staff members can also lose their jobs when the Featherfall is not achieving profits.

The security of the health information will also be impacted by violating health regulations and laws regarding the use of technology. Patients’ information is susceptible and should be highly protected. Technology use in healthcare was adopted to help improve data security, but when it is not used or wrongfully used, there will be a compromise. Hackers, for instance, can easily access the information and compromise it, which will be dangerous to the life of the patients. The institution will also be affected when there is a security breach. One factor that can help prevent a breach of the data is to train the staff on its use correctly. Training is one essential element that determines the success of adopting technology use in healthcare facilities. Using outdated technology also puts the institution at risk of a security breach.

The management of Featherfall can ensure technology use does not lead to a violation of health regulations and laws. The technology used in the institution needs to be updated to ensure the patients’ health information is secure. The staff also need to be trained on the proper use of technology, and this should be a regular process. Achieving these two factors, communication between the staff and management will improve, leading to better service provision. When the quality of service offered in the institution improves, the organization will be able to achieve profitability, and the customers’ needs will also be met.


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