Advanced Research and Evidence Based Practice

Format for the EBP Project Paper Use the following format for developing and writing the paper: APA 6th edition format for the entire paper, citations, references, and for the cover page. Utilize APA headings so that MS Word automatically populates your table of contents. Appropriately cite others work and all broad statements made throughout the paper. The EBP Project Paper consists of the following: Title Page, Chapter I, and References. Guidelines for EBP Project Paper: In general avoid direct quotes or use sparingly. Also should not have one paraphrased sentence after another. Chapter I: Introduction and statement of the Evidenced-Based Pracice problem : Identification of phenomenon of interest or Problem The problem is (State exactly what is the problem, what is going wrong? That you may need to research an existing and proven intervention that can help solve the problem by implementing a change in practice. This should be stated simply and mostly in your own words. Background of the problem (what is the external (research) and internal (specific to problem for this setting and population) history of the problem). Significance of the problem (this is the so what? Who cares? State exactly why is this problem important and why it needs a solution or change in practice; for example, (3Ms) morbidity mortality & money) Purpose Statement (what you intend to achieve to solve the problem, how you are going to go about it, in what setting, for who, and why) PICOT formatted question (who, where, what, compared to what, how, when) (utilize Melnyk pages 28, 29 as a guide to write your clinical question and PICOT.) Burning Clinical question (P) Population or problem of interest (I) Intervention (C) Comparison or usual care (O) Outcome (s) (T) Time required for the intervention, if implemented, to demonstrate results or specific outcome (s) Conceptual definition of Concepts (Broad definition, Cite Sources) Operational definition of Concept(s) (what the concepts mean for your specific project). Required Textbooks/Readings:ISBN: Melnyk, B. (2015). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: a guide to best practice. (3rd ed.). Publisher: St. Louis: Wolters Kluwer Health. Chap 9,10.

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