analyze DACA and determine what the U.S. should do about this issue.

analyze DACA and determine what the U.S. should do about this issue. The U.S. is a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws. Where is the line drawn between compassion and the rule of law? Has the global political climate altered the old open door immigration policy that most know from history books? If it has, what should the U.S. do about people brought to the U.S. illegally, but without having had a choice of their own (children/infants). These are people who have grown up knowing only America as their home, regardless of where their parents originated from, yet technically, they are still illegal and considered citizens of their birth nation. Given that you know that DACA was an executive order signed by a previous president, should Pres. Trump be forced to adhere to a policy that he disagrees with when other presidents are not expected to do the same? President swear an oath to uphold ALL U.S. law, whether they agree or not, and many Trump supporters argue that Obama failed his constitutional oath by refusing to enforce immigration law and that Trump is simply restoring legal order in this respect. There are even high-ranking Democrats such as Diane Feinstein who admit that the DACA executive order signed by Pres. Obama might actually be unconstitutional since the president attempted to change immigration without congressional approval and that it could be a violation of separation of powers. Despite all of this, there are many who will claim that it doesn’t matter what the law says, as rescinding DACA is cruel and immoral to those in the country illegally but who call America their home. They argue the U.S. is nation built on immigration and that we have a moral responsibility to welcome those who enter the U.S. seeking a better life, so long as they obey the laws of the nation while ignoring the laws broken by entering the country illegally to begin with. What do you believe the correct course of action here should be? Was Pres. Obama in violation of the U.S. Constitution on the issue of immigration, specifically regarding his creation of the DACA executive order? Should DACA be upheld by Pres. Trump, even if it is technically unconstitutional and created by a different president? Is it the responsibility of congress to pass meaningful law and Pres. Trump is in fact correct to end DACA as executive order and force congress to enact true legislation? Even if DACA fails to be upheld or created as legislation by congress, should the people who rely on DACA be potentially deported if they are caught or allowed to stay? If allowed to stay, where does the U.S. draw the line on future illegal immigrant entering as children? Should the U.S. draw a line which states that anyone entering after a certain date will not be protected by DACA, even if they are brought in as children?• Content: Using at least 4 sources (Internet, and/or library resources), with a minimum of 1 source being an academic journal/article relating to the topic, address the various sides (or positions) of your issue, come up with your own personal conclusions based on your analysis of the issue, and demonstrate an understanding of its complexities. Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias are NOT valid sources!! Sources must be verifiable and journalistically/academically sound.o Compare and contrast at least (2) different political perspectives (viewpoints)o Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each position you includeo Present an informed evaluation of the evidence and different viewpoint surrounding the topico What do you conclude? Which position do you agree with most and why?• Paper length: In a Word document, write a research paper with a minimum (no maximum) of 1,000 words on the topic of choice, (not counting headings), double-spaced with 12-point font. The paper should be created in Word, typewritten and double-spaced, and based on information from a minimum of four (4) primary sources (no maximum). Your title and works cited pages DO NOT count towards the 1,000 word minimum.• Writing Style: Proofread your paper to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. Please use spell check and grammar check. Use proper paragraphing and improve your writing style by revising the paper as many times as necessary. You may also take your paper to the writing center for additional assistance!• Citations: Any time you borrow someone’s ideas, paraphrase or quote them, (see plagiarism section in syllabus) cite all sources using the APA citation style. Be sure to cite specific information you found in your research to support your claims. Use the same citation format throughout your paper. Analyze and question your sources assumptions.

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