Conduct a systematic search of relevant databases to find research-based evidence related to a nursing problem

nursing paper
Through this assignment, the student will:
1. Conduct a systematic search of relevant databases to find research-based evidence related to a nursing problem (CO 1);
2. Critique a peer-reviewed study, indicating the purpose, sample, design of study, data collection method, findings, and limitations of each (CO 2, CO 4,)
3. Summarize the research article and evaluate the significance to nursing. (CO 3).
4. Please remember this assignment will be sent to Turnitin for review. If you wait until late Sunday night to submit, you may not receive your feedback in time if you need to make changes. Please read the announcement on the Turnitin information.
Preparing the Paper
Conduct a PICO(T) search on the nursing problem that you identified in Week 2, Discussion questions. Select one most recent peer-reviewed study that describes original research in a single study.
Analyze the article and provide the following information in brief format: purpose of the study; type of sample and number of participants; research design of the study, findings of the study; and limitations of the study. Summarize the importance to nursing.
The estimated length of this paper is four (4) pages, excluding the title page and References page. Summarize the results of the study as outlined below:
1. Write a brief introduction to your paper, however do not label it as an Introduction in accordance with the rules of APA scholarly writing.
2. State the research question for this study in a paragraph.
3. Describe the research design of this study.
4. Explain how the sample was selected and include the number of participants. Make a judgment as to whether the sample size was adequate, and defend your answer why or why not.
5. Describe the data collection method(s) including who collected data, what tools were used, and other pertinent information.
6. Identify the limitations of the study, and describe how the limitations could be overcome in subsequent studies.
7. Describe the findings reported in the study. What is the answer to the research question based on these findings? If the study fails to answer the research question, what do you believe is the reason?
8. Summarize the article. Based on these findings, is the evidence that you found on your topic strong enough to suggest a change in practice, or an idea for practice? Please provide the rationale for your answer.
9. List your references, formatted in APA style, On the References page. Guidelines and a sample paper on APA may be found under Course Home in the Course Resources link. Follow the guidelines for writing professional papers using APA formatting as described in the 6th edition of the manual.THE PAPER SHOULD BE BASED ON
ontrast media extravasation
I see that in my area contrast media extravasation is an issue that can cause a lot of issues to the patient.
P = Any patient that gets contrast media
I = Stop extravasation of contrast media
C = Not administering contrast or not preforming exam
O = Have an incident free exam / have the study performed without delay
T = During injection of contrast media At this time according to a pressure injector manufactures specks that about 0.1 to 0.9% are reported to have an extravasation to contrast media. Many factors can lead to the extravasation such as pressure of contrast media, size of canal, and location of IV site (hands, AC, port).(Wolters 2015 website) Mallinckrodt has been selling contrast media Optiray 320 since 1989 with more than 140 million doses sold.
I would like to decrease the number extravasation that happen with pressure injectors. This process has many safe guards to prevent this however it helps. I feel that as nurses we could take into consideration what exams the patient will be having ones that area already ordered or in some cases in triage there is a set protocol per symptoms on presentation to the ER or direct admission and make a judgment call on the size and location of IV site. Thus saving the patient multiple sticks. The gap of knowledge would be that nurses do not know how important it is to have the correct IV in place for these exams to be performed correctly and reduce the chance or extravasation.
Using protocols and evidence based practice we can see that data is required to make evident the need for a protocol. Gather the data using appropriate data collection protocols and reliable, valid methods.(House 2013 p. 31) I can see that this issue will take time to work on since it does not occur with every patient. However data collection is the key to making this possible. 2007 2015 Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging | Published by Wolters Kluwer Medknow
Online since 10th January, 2007 Date of Web Publication 28- Jan 2015Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals

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