analyze Laurel Rust’s essay

This is a memo written in memo form below is the questions and the format information to help. APA format and grammar highly enforced.

Criteria for evaluating this include, but are not limited to:

A format that mimics the “memo” address heading at the top of this page but which would also include the date of your memorandum submission. Also you should take care to identify this meme in the RE: or Subject: as Cogitative Memo # 1. Also, if you attach this as a file, or when you submit any file, you should identify/label your file to include your name, i.e. Cogitative Memo 1, Aubrey Stiles.

An introduction which generates interest in the focus, and sets up what we can expect you to introduce us to in your essay. Ideally we should have a preview of the pattern or sequence of your essay, and feel clearly informed regarding your goals in sharing this information with us.

The bulk or body of the essay should emerge in a clear pattern of organization. Your personal relationship to the material is made clear; any unknown references are sufficiently explained, contextualized, detailed; any unknown terms or abbreviations are defined, explained; the details feel complete—what was promised in the introduction is delivered in the follow through with significant insight into the points of power, memory, connection with the persons being rendered/shared/sketched in your essay; also transitional ease—how and to what degree do you help your readers move with you from person to person, point to point, section to section. Note that segmenting with an underlined brief line and colon, such as what occurs above in introducing the criteria for evaluating this assignment, can be effective as the name of the person(s), or nickname, or distinguishing characteristic that signals a “gestalt” of the person can work to keep the flow of your writing clearly focused.

The conclusion should provide some kind of graceful closure to your essay. Your conclusion should not come as a surprise, and it should be a memorable, resounding ZING or recap.

Questions needed to be answered:

Your first task is to analyze Laurel Rust’s essay, “Another Part of the Country.”What does this essay indicate about “communication and gerontology?”Comment on stereotypes it confirms and challenges; the significance of verbal and nonverbal messages, content and relationship language.What is the communicative construction of relationships for “Amy?”How is she constructed (construed, understood, framed, “seen”) by and through the medical gaze of the nursing home, the hospital, and various caregivers?How does the essay work to construct “Amy” through the gaze of Rust’s narration?How does labeling and the effects of labeling on behavioral performance apply to this account with respect to insight into Amy’s behaviors?

Your second task is to discuss Sobchack’s essay, “Revenge of the Leech Woman,” in terms of “confirming and disconfirming” culturally constructed messages about “aging.”Do you relate to Sobchack’s observations with regard to discovering her own “fears” about aging?Where and how does this essay fit as “reminiscence?”

Your third task focuses on Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s essay “Sex Education,” which raises several questions about narrative, memory, and context.What are the three versions of Aunt Minnie’s instructive story?What prompts the three tellings, and why is the story different in each telling?How do you explain the changes in perspective?Are there positive and/or negative consequences to the reminiscence(s) of this story?To whom?And if so, how so?

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