As a team, identify the courses and sequencing of courses to be included in your proposed curriculum.

As a team, identify the courses and sequencing of courses to be included in your proposed curriculum.

To start, I feel that the three phase setup of the curriculum here at Excelsior College is ideal. It allows the graduate nurse to work through different types of courses. When I really started to look at how I wanted to complete the courses, I tried to place the classes in what seemed like a logical process. First, we gained our background in professional socialization and nursing theory which laid the foundation for the scaffolding of this graduate nursing program.

As I started to create the names of our class offerings, I remembered the importance of a constructive student centered learning experience. I feel that the inclusion of what we felt were important in the KSVME framework and utilizing a constructive approach to learning.

Here are the competencies we expect from our students:
•Applies educational theories in teaching methods
•It is key that an educator facilitates learning.
•Professional socialization and scholarly inquiry.
•Promotes evidenced based practice application
•Utilizes a constructive student centered approach in curriculum delivery
•Utilizes dynamic assessment methods besides written tests
•Participates in the curriculum design and program planning
•Effective problem solver and conflict manager
•A change agent
•Advances the profession of nursing
•An effective leader/mentor

So looking at these lists, I have come up with a curriculum plan with three phases that sequences with appropriate scaffolding of learning. As we move forward it is imperative to have a curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the healthcare systems of the current time period and not have irrelevant learning experiences in the course sequence (McCoy & Anema, 2013).

RN to MSN with specialization in Nursing Education

Phase One:

Rationale of phase one curriculum is to educate the future nurse educator on the theoretical foundations of advanced nursing practice. Through a constructive and student centered learning experience the registered nurse will advance their knowledge of nursing theory and its application in nursing. The student will also learn to integrate research and evidence into the curriculum of today’s nursing education. This phase will culminate with a leadership experience that will include interprofessional collaboration.

NUR 500: Application of Nursing Theory in Education

NUR 515: Research and Evidenced Based Teaching Methods

NUR 525: Professional Development of the Advanced Practice Nurse Educator

NUR 550: 21st Century Healthcare Delivery: Addressing External Influences

NUR 575: Public Health Nursing in Today’s World

NUR 580: Advanced Practice Nursing Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration

Phase Two:

Integration and application of phase one learning will be utilized in the nursing education specific curriculum courses. It teaches the future nurse educator to create and exceptional learning experience for their students. The advanced practice nurse education curriculum is designed to scaffold learning through the course progression.

NUR 600: Constructivism in the 21st Century Classroom

NUR 625: Technology Applications in Nursing Education

NUR 650: Designing Student-Centered Curriculums and Programs

NUR 675: Assessment of Learning and Competency Attainment

Phase Three:

The nursing education capstone is a course that brings the future nurse educator’s education to completion. Application of all learned critical elements of their advanced nursing education will be utilized to complete a project of their choice either in the clinical environment or within the university close by their home. A virtual retreat will allow students to network, share their projects, and reflect on their learning.

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