Chinese government scholarship essay (550 words)

Admission Essay.

Since my childhood, I have dreamt of being one of the best tour guides in the world. My interest in this field started when I was six years old, and my parents took the family to one of the national parks in Thailand. While the experience was still memorable, one of the things that caught my eye was the tour guide’s life, who ushered and showed us different animals, birds, and nature. I have developed an interest in being a tour guide from that moment. One of the requirements I have researched that one needs to have is to be proficient in various languages. I was born and raised in Thailand, and I aspire to be an excellent tour guide based in Asia. I want to study the Japanese language as there are a lot of opportunities available for tour guides who are good at speaking Japanese. I am applying to study Japanese at a Chinese university because I will get the opportunity to review both languages and cultures. In Asia and the world, Japanese and Chinese contribute to some of the most spoken and used languages. That creates an opportunity for tour guides who know the two languages. Combining that with Thai and English, which I am currently proficient in, getting the scholarship will help me achieve my dream. 

I am an ambitious person, a hard worker, and I learn languages quickly. In my education, I have endeavored to be the best by getting excellent grades, and that is evident from my GPA. I am proficient in both spoken and written English as well as Thai. My learning experiences at the beginning were not the best as I struggled, but I was able to be good with time. Coming from a humble background has helped me learn how to be a go-getter and achieve what I aspire to be in life. I was a leader of the English club in school wherein school, and through that, I learned the essential qualities of a good leader. Through the club, we helped students in the school improve in learning English, and the opportunity helped me learn new things about the language. I have volunteered to be a tour guide for exchange students who came to our school. The experience was enlightening as I got the chance to learn new things from them, and one of the main points is the importance of changing the environment as it will help improve the learning process. Interacting with people from different cultures has helped me get a better perspective of the world and appreciate other people. I will learn Japanese and Chinese languages and culture when I get the opportunity. I will then use the skills acquired to seek an opportunity as a tour guide. Later in life, I aspire to open an international tour guide company and from that can help people, especially those from humble backgrounds, achieve their dreams. Through the education that I will receive from the scholarship, I dream of making the world a better place. I will highly appreciate getting the scholarship to study the Japanese language, and through that, I will continue to pursue my passion in life and exceed my personal expectations.

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