Article critique (650 words)

Berislav Zmuk sought to explain how statistical thinking and statistical methods have been adopted among small enterprises in Croatia in his 2015 article. The main topic discussed in the article is the investigation of the attitude of the management of enterprises that use statistical methods in coming up with statistical thinking in Croatia. The author’s other issues are the reasons for using statistical methods among the small enterprises in their daily operations. Six reasons were identified, and an analysis was done. The author also focused on reasons for not adopting statistical methods and the position of statistical methods in critical business processes.
One property on the topic is the role statistical methods play in guiding statistical thinking and, hence, in enterprises’ decision-making. The second valuable property is establishing the number of enterprises that have used statistical methods and if it has been beneficial to them. The third property is developing the statistical methods used in these small enterprises and factors that hinder the adoption of other statistical methods. The three properties are important as they will help one understand the topic of discussion and its importance in Croatian small businesses.

The topic is important as it will help people understand the importance of adopting statistical methods in business processes. The management will help in decision-making as trends and forecasts about the position can be established from the data collected. Customers being essential elements in businesses, the topic will help the businesses to understand the behavior of the consumers and model the processes to meet the needs of the consumers. The practicing managers are decision-makers, and before the decisions are made, there should be evidence to support it. Using statistical methods, data can be analyzed, and based on the results, an informed decision can be made that will help to steer the business to the next level.
The research is relevant as it helps one understand the role that the adoption of statistical methods has on statistical thinking. Yes, it impacts the field of management as the author has explained how adopting statistical methods can help improve the decision-making process by those in management. The author used a chi-square test of independence to analyze the data and develop a relevant conclusion. It would have been better if the author had used variance analysis (ANOVA) as it would have helped to compare the two crucial variables simultaneously. For instance, using ANOVA would have helped establish how successful enterprises that have used statistical methods have benefited compared to those who don’t use it in decision making. The articles provide information to managers of the benefit of adopting statistical methods in business processes and the positive impact it will have on decision-making on important aspects such as understanding the behavior of the consumers.

Vanja’s thoughts in this article support what Berislav wrote about the role that statistical methods play in enterprises in Croatia. He notes that applying statistical methods has been essential in playing a critical role in business management. In another research by Gjonbalaj, the author has focused on the role that statistics has played in the economic development and decision-making among enterprises in Kosovo. From the research, he indicated that most of the managers had adopted the use of statistical methods to come up with informed decisions. The two-writing supports the central idea and shows the importance of adopting statistical techniques in business processes.
More research is being done about the topic, focusing on the Croatian community. The topic will enhance the practice of management. The author has proved that the adoption of statistical methods in businesses has helped improve decision-making. When adopted in most of the small enterprises in Croatia, businesses will grow, leading to more economic development in the area. Managers hence in the future, will use various statistical methods to help improve business processes that will help them achieve profitability and ensure the needs of the customers are met.


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