choosing an organization and anylse its issues during change process.

This essay structure should be (this may be negotiated for topics that may vary from this format): Faculty of Business Cover Sheet Signed 1. Introduction 2. Your selected Organisation and its Environment a description of the organisation and associated context 3. Analysis of Problem analyse the organisation using an analytical tool covered in MGMT915. Describe this tool and explain how it works. Then use this tool to conduct an analysis of your selected organisation. 4. Change Implementation Model based on the findings of section 3 (above) you will select a change theory or model to create change in this organisation. In this section describe this change theory/model, explain how it works, and justify why you selected it. 5. Change Implementation Program apply the theory/model discussed in step 4 (above) to create an implementation program that will create sustained change in this organisation. Explain, stepby-step what should be done. Ensure you relate this back to your theory or theories. 6. Evaluation of change in this section explain the strengths and weaknesses of your change implementation. Create arguments to support what you propose by using and referring to the research literature. Also highlight and discuss potential problems with this implementation again support this with reference to the research literature. 7. Conclusion 8. Recommendations for Further Research. 9. References Theoretical elements: You must use theories in both your analysis (section 3) and your change implementation (sections 4 & 5). You should use only one or two theories here. Ensure that your discussion is in enough depth to relate a strong and clear understanding. References: All sources must come from academic or peer-reviewed literature. You must reference all sources used.

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