Culturally in the U.S., motor vehicles routinely have been identified as female, and this book maximizes that “tradition” in its storytelling.

What if the author had chosen to call this book Christopher and made the car a masculine presence instead? Would it be as effective for the intent, message and purpose King is trying to achieve with the novel? Why or why not?For the topic above, how can you connect your ideas/response(s) to Lysistrata? Really challenge yourself here to make correlations most people wouldn’t see between these two pieces of literature. This will be a good test of your critical-thinking skills.Steps:1. Don’t settle on the first idea(s) that comes to mind. You want a focus full enough to explore, not one you will quickly gloss over.2. Write a prelim draft and check to make sure you have answered the question directly with the proper depth of thought and analysis. Do NOT write in first person unless absolutely necessary: you may write using the first-person collective “we” sparingly, but keep your tone academic and formal nonetheless; do not turn the essay into a running parade of “I” statements or storytelling.3. Remember to challenge yourself to critically THINK about what you’re reading. Do not SUMMARIZE the book or the parts in it; analyze them instead in terms of the topic and response requested.4. Remember, you are not arguing the quality of the book; you’re arguing a specific response on a topic of authorial choice and/or reader experience as noted above.5. You MUST use the book extensively in the writing of this assignment. This means specific citations in the form of quotes from King’s novel. Failure to do so will impact your grade most negatively.6. Remember your critical-thinking component for each topic option and connect this novel to Aristophanes’ work.

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