Construct an argument that addresses the reasons underpinning the development of the issue/s under study and the implications for practice.

My topic will be about (I choose this question):

– Is high workloads affected nursing care safety and quality? (MY ISSUE)

Assignment 1
Important Note:
– This assessment (Essay) 800-1000 words.
– Please, follow the marking criteria with steps of this assessment.
– No copy or similarity in this assessment.
– This assessment you required to choose a topic in nursing field.
– Use journal articles database and government websites ONLY ONLY. (12-15 references please attach any articles ( as PDF) use it in my assessment)

Marking criteria

• Demonstrated an excellent understanding of the relevant knowledge area.

• Supported an argument using very well developed reasoning and critical analysis.

• Used a broad range of valid evidence that provided excellent support for the essay question and arguments.

• Constructed an extremely articulate introduction, body and conclusion to the essay.
• Maintained a consistent focus on the topic and a logical flow of argument throughout.
• Used correct terminology throughout, adhered to word limit and made no mistakes in English expression, grammar and syntax.

Step 1: Identify Content/Directive Words
•Analyse an area of policy and/or practice that has significant implications for your specialty work area and/or health care more broadly.

•Think about your particular area of practice and the changes that have occurred or are occurring within that context. Consider the origins of those changes or developments. In other words, consider how such developments can be explained. Change does not occur as a result of a ‘good idea’. Change always occurs within a particular context.
•Construct an argument that addresses the reasons underpinning the development of the issue/s under study and the implications for practice. Do not just write a literature review (an overview of the issue). Include sources from current and relevant documents (policy and research) to support your argument.
•This unit is designed to encourage students to address contemporary political, economic, social or organisational issues related to practice. As we wish the unit to be very relevant to your area of practice, the topic of your main assignment is very broadly posed.

Step 1 (continued)
The question in a nutshell:
1.What is the issue? Why is it important?
2.What is happening / has been happening?
3.What are the causes of this?
4.What are the implications for practice?

Step 2: Identify key Assessment Criteria
1. Demonstrate knowledge of your chosen
topic area.
2. Use critical reasoning to justify and support
your argument.
3. Support your arguments with a wide range
of evidence from the relevant and
appropriate literature.
4. Demonstrate scholarly presentation of work.

Step 3: Focusing the Topic (EXAMPLE)
1. What is the issue? Obesity (topic = too big)
–Focus: Childhood obesity (age limit, e.g. 6-13 yrs)
–Focus: Australian children (geographic limits)
–Issue: Childhood obesity related to future health
risks and community nursing
2.What is happening or has been happening?

3.What are the causes?
•Cultural changes?
•Socio-economic changes?
•Demographic changes?

Government policies to consider:
–Changes to tuckshop/school canteen menus
–Health & Nutrition education: parents and kids
–Mandatory exercise during school hours
4. How effectively have the Australian government initiatives in primary schools addressed the increasing trends of childhood obesity? What are the implications for future health care in the Australian community?

Step 4: The Argument
The Australian government has been (has not been) effective in addressing childhood obesity trends.
So, what is an academic argument?
How does it address an issue?
?Overall argument: the writer’s position on a whole topic

?Individual arguments (relating to individual issues)

ARGUMENT= Issue + Claim + Evidence + Relevance to the issue
Look at the following example …

Issue: Is microwaved water harmful?
Claim: The pot plant experiment was a fake.
Evidence: H2O particles (structure) …
Relevance: Microwaved water is not harmful.
What evidence can I collect?
-Trends, cost of programs, efficacy of programs over time Where will I look for the evidence? – Databases & published evidence: What are the key words I can use for my database search terms? – Childhood obesity/ nutrition campaigns/ health policies
Step 5: Library Research
•What do I know?
•What do I need to find out?
•How is the information in textbooks different from that in journal articles?

Step 6: Creating a Framework
Introduction (10% of word count 100 WORDS)
–Set the context (background)
–Narrow the focus
–Identify the themes/issues
–State the purpose/the argument
–Provide a thesis statement/organisation of the essay

Body sections (organised into paragraphs 800 WORDS)
–1 paragraph is often about 200–300 words

Conclusion (5-10% of word count 50-100 WORDS )

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