Creating and Interpreting a Demographic Table

Creating and Interpreting a Demographic Table Overview The baseline demographic table plays an important role in reporting study results. It summarizes key characteristics of participants numerically (such as age, gender, and ethnicity) at the beginning of a study, before any intervention takes place. Baseline demographic tables are often among the first tables found in the results section of capstone papers, dissertations, and peer-reviewed publications as well. For this assignment, you will create a baseline demographic table and narrative summary using the linked Resources. INSTRUCTIONS Part 1: Baseline Demographic Table 1. Add the appropriate data for Subject 25 (both Pre- and Post-PSS Survey) to the Excel dataset before running any analysis. Follow the simple steps described in this unit and course resources to use Excel in performing a descriptive statistical analysis for the following selected variables from the Yoga and Stress Study Dataset linked in Resources: Age, Gender, Race, Military Status, Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score. 2. Using How to Create a Demographic Table (linked in Resources), create a demographic table and populate the table with the results of descriptive analysis. 3. Use the type of descriptive statistics most appropriate for the particular kind of data measurement level of each variable being reported. 4. I?nclude appropriate univariate statistics for the variables for each treatment group: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Education, and current Military Status. 5.Use appropriate statistics for a given data measurement level. Part 2: ?Interpretive Summary 1. Write a summary narrative about statistical results. Prepare a properly formatted demographic table that includes appropriate univariate statistics for the variables for each treatment group. 2. Explain the practical significance of a demographic table. F?or general guidance in reporting a demographic table, Additional Requirements Length:4 PAGES typed, double-spaced pages of content plus title and reference pages. Font: Times New Roman, 12 points. APA Format: Your title and reference pages must conform to APA format and style guidelines. The body of your paper does not need to conform to APA guidelines. Do make sure that it is clear, persuasive, organized, and well written, without grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. You also must cite your sources according to APA guidelines. Refer to the Campus APA Module (linked in Resources) as needed. Please review the scoring guide before submitting your assignment. The requirements outlined above correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. In addition, you may choose to review the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.

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