Creative CV service store (340 words).

Creative CV service store.

The number of graduates yearly is increasing, and the job market is becoming more demanding. Researching online in various job searching portals made me realize the challenge that most young graduate goes through in their quest for searching for employment opportunities. One of the most significant problems is creating an excellent Curriculum Vitae that would look appealing and make the graduates land the jobs. Most students do not know how to express themselves professionally when writing their CVs. They also do not know how to create a creative CV that looks presentable, and all the details are captured there. By creating a CV service store, I would help students to develop a creative CV using adobe illustrator. Using the software requires one to have some experience, and I have a vast knowledge of using it. By creating the service store, I will help graduates and students seeking employment opportunities to develop creative CVs and be able to land jobs.

Diet Restaurant.

The presence of diseases in the modern-day world due to the diet people take has created a need for people to consume diet foods. People don’t consume these foods because they do not know how to prepare the diet food, they don’t know where to find the diet restaurant in their locality, or the food is expensive. The diet restaurant would provide a variety of meals for the people. When purchasing food in the restaurant, the client would indicate the calories they want and the ingredients needed. The restaurant would have a mobile application, website, and contact information that clients can use to contact us. The clients need to subscribe to weekly or monthly services, giving the restaurant ample time to prepare the diet meals. They would also indicate if they will consume the meals at the restaurant or want them delivered to their preferred destinations. By creating a diet restaurant, I would have helped people eat healthy diets and avoid contracting diseases that would affect their lives now and in the future.

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