Case Study #1: Technology & Product Review for Endpoint Protection Solutions (600 words).

Case Scenario:

Sifers-Grayson (the “client”) has requested that your company research and recommend an Endpoint Protection Platform, which will provide endpoint protection for the Apple MacBook laptop computers used by some of its employees. The MacBooks are bring your own device (BYOD) computers which some employees use to access company networks and servers while teleworking or working remotely (e.g. at the test range). The company has decided that, for now, it will continue to allow these devices on its networks but, an approved Endpoint Protection Platform must be used to manage the security of these devices.

The client wants an Endpoint Protection product that works with MacBooks (Apple OSX), is easy to use, and automatically updates itself (patches and virus definition files). The “automatic” updates could be a problem since some of the MacBooks are rarely connected to the company’s networks. This is especially true for employees who use an intermittent cellular connection to access the company’s networks while visiting customers or working at the engineering test range.


  1. Review the Week 1 readings.
  2. Using one of the product lists provided in Week 1, select a product that works on MacBooks. Research your chosen product using product information sheets (from the vendor’s website).
  3. Find three or more additional sources which provide (a) product evaluations or reviews for your chosen product or (b) general information about Endpoint Protection Platforms.

Note: Since your client is a contractor to the US Government, you should be careful as to the reputation and nationality of the vendor you select. For example, Kapersky AV products no longer have approval for installation on US Government networks due to sanctions against its home nation.


Write a 3 page summary of your research (“briefing paper”). At a minimum, your summary must include the following:

  1. An introduction or overview for the security technology category (Endpoint Protection Platforms)
  2. A review of the features, capabilities, and deficiencies for your selected vendor and product Make certain that you are reviewing the Apple MacBook version of the product.
  3. Discussion of how the selected product could be used by your client to support its cybersecurity objectives by reducing risk, increasing resistance to threats/attacks, decreasing vulnerabilities, etc.
  4. A closing section in which you restate your recommendation for a product (include the three most important benefits).


As you write your review, make sure that you address security issues using standard cybersecurity terminology (e.g. protection, detection, prevention, “governance,” confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, assurance, etc.).  See the ISACA glossary  if you need a refresher on acceptable terms and definitions.

Formatting Instructions

Use standard APA formatting for the MS Word document that you submit to your assignment folder. Formatting requirements and examples are found under Course Resources > APA Resources.

Submit For Grading

Submit your Technology & Product Review in MS Word format (.docx or .doc file) for grading using your assignment folder. (Attach the file.)

Additional Information

  1. There is no penalty for writing more than 3 pages but, clarity and conciseness are valued. If your essay is shorter than 3 pages, you may not have sufficient content to meet the assignment requirements (see the rubric).
  2. You are expected to write grammatically correct English in every assignment that you submit for grading. Do not turn in any work without (a) using spell check, (b) using grammar check, (c) verifying that your punctuation is correct and (d) reviewing your work for correct word usage and correctly structured sentences and paragraphs.
  3. You are expected to credit your sources using in-text citations and reference list entries. Both your citations and your reference list entries must comply with APA 6th edition Style requirements. Failure to credit your sources will result in penalties as provided for under the university’s Academic Integrity policy.

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