Describe, broadly, what terrorism means in the modern world

Consider some of the following points (but you are not limited to this, you can seek to answer your own questions on the topics) a. Describe, broadly, what terrorism means in the modern world (what is the official definition from a Western perspective) b. What are some of the difficulties in tackling this type of criminal activity, which is often global in scale and constantly morphs. c. What are some terrorist networks of interest to the US and its national security? d. What are some of the challenges concerning civil liberties in the US, as was evident with the Patriot Act and other policies which have targeted private citizens for the purpose of combating terrorist activities. e. What is US policy regarding this issue and how is that impacting US relations with the world? f. Discuss at least two proposals for combating terrorism and analyze which, in your opinion, would be more effective. Grade Rubric: Clear description of topic -authoritative sources, at least 7 required; understand and recognize difference between web sources vs. peer reviewed and academic sources Clearly describe proposed structure of argument made with a sense of purpose; why this is interesting and relevant to the study of international relations, and what you propose to discuss Grammar/spelling Your personal view/opinion on the topic is important, however, this paper is not an editorial or opinion piece, which means you must use sources and facts to back up the statements/arguments that you make; this is how you learn to find information that supports (or not) your views on specific issues and topics of interest. Remember that your paper outline serves as your first draft and should include enough information, including sources, to make it clear to the reader what you intend to research. While there is no specific page requirement, a typical draft is 2 3 pages, double spaced, and includes title page, an abstract, as well as some sources.

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