Describe the importance of multi-generational family work.

Unit Two: Bowen Family Therapy Unit Two Introduction In this unit you will explore Bowen Family Therapy. You will be exploring the Bowen Center online as well as other videos connected to Bowenian work. Make sure you take your time to explore: theory, family diagrams (i.e. genogram), key concepts, background on Bowen, the role of anxiety and history of the theory. Unit Two Outcomes Upon completion of this unit you should be able to: 1. List and describe Bowenian theory and techniques. 2. Describe the importance of multi-generational family work. 3. Discuss the key concepts associated with Bowenian theory. 4. Describe the connections between Systems Theory and Bowenian theory. 2.1 Text/Media Media Link: The Bowen Center Media Clip: Bowenian Therapy (Dr. Kirk Honda) Media Link: How to Make a Genogram 2.1a Bowen Family Systems 2.1b Bowen…Model…Anxiety Disorder 2.1c Bowen Theory and Spirituality 2.1d Bowen Theory and Self-Soothing 2.1e Genogram Symbols Instructions 1. First, read the PDF Bowen Family Systems, then explore the link to the Bowen Center paying attention to the various tabs containing information about the key concepts, history, theory, etc. Then watch the YouTube link on Bowen, followed by the other PDFs and the link for creating a genogram. 2. Be prepared to reflect on the concepts in these exercises for your writing assignment. Assignments 2.3 Unit Assignment: Anxiety…What Anxienty? Introduction Familiarize yourself with the way that Bowen theory understands anxiety in family systems. For example, think about concepts like differentiation and how this relates to anxiety. You will use this knowledge to think critically about a vignette that will be provided for you. Instructions 1. For this assignment you must respond to the following case: A couple comes to you with trouble in their marriage. They are having trouble communicating. They report being explosive and lacking the ability to respond to each other in calm ways. Outside of their fights they report feeling little connection with each other anymore. Husband reports feeling left out, because his wife is communicating with her mother about their problems regularly. This is straining the relationship between him and his mother-in-law as she feels like her daughter is not getting enough of what she needs in the marriage. 2. Develop a systemic case conceptualization (not techniques or interventions) on what is going on with the couples presenting problems using Bowen concepts and ideas. 3. Answers should be essay format, no more than three pages. Please use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.

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