Designing for Security (1,500 words).

ITCO-498 Capstone Project Guidelines
This document provides information to guide your capstone work. The ITCO-498 Capstone Project is the
culmination of your Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) degree program. You will have the
opportunity to demonstrate many of the concepts and techniques you learned throughout your degree
program. The Capstone Project’s required group work, individual work, scenario, and submission details are
provided in this guidelines document.
During the first week of the class, you will be formed into teams by your instructor. Teams will need to
select which project components each member will assume responsibility for.
Contact your instructor if you have any questions regarding this document or the ITCO-498 Capstone

Capstone Project Scenario
A new software company, Crostini, Inc., is in the early stages of formation and is seeking your help. You
have been hired as an information technology (IT) consultant and are charged with designing and proposing
a complete IT solution that includes hardware, software, networking, and security components.
Crostini’s leadership team has provided the following that defines their vision requiring an IT solution.
Crostini is designing an online software service called Mince, which is a secret acronym for “Making
Italian Novel Culinary Experiences.” The word is never written in all capital letters. Mince is
envisioned to be an online platform for all things related to Italian cooking.
Initial Functionality:
• Blogs that Crostini staff will write, and users can read, follow, and comment on.
• Recipes from Crostini staff with the ability to subscribe to specific chefs, print recipes, and
watch videos of the chef creating the dish.
• Robust eCommerce component to sell Crostini products and third-party products.
• Social media component called Mince-Meet. Standard social media functionality to include:
o Discussion forums
o Instant messaging
o Secure emails
o VOIP calling between connected (friends) users
• User accounts and profiles.
• Content, people, and product search.
• Calendar component with reminders.
• Administrative and reporting tools.
Based on market research, Crostini expects Mince to house unlimited recipes, videos, and other
content. The eCommerce component will have several thousand products.
Crostini’s Expectations of the IT Solution
• Easy to use (user perspective)
• Easy to manage and configure (administrator perspective)
• Available 24/7
• High performance even during peak usage times
• Support thousands of simultaneous users across the globe
• Security and safety are of paramount importance
• Collect, store, and backup user data with tools to mine data for analytic.

Individual Assignment:
Consider the security policies that will be required for Crostini’s Mince system.
In a 4-5-page MS Word document, address the following:

Identify the hardware, software, and data components of the Mince system that require protection.
Make overall recommendations for following specific best practices to monitor and protect the Mince system.
Draft brief security polices for Crostini to adopt in their management of Mince. Policies should include:
Password creation and protection
Remote access
Networking hardware security
Server security
Disaster recovery
Your paper should be in APA format and include a title page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement.

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