Develop 4–5 recommendations on how to improve scores in the selected area.

HCAHPS Catergory (Your care from nurses questions 1-4)

Patient feedback is imperative when deciding on improvement initiatives for patient care. In the near future, results of patient satisfaction surveys will be a determinant in financial reimbursement. This assignment involves an educational tool you will develop to help management and nurses increase or maintain HCAHPS scores. You will need to review the HCAHPS information given to you in the links below. First, you will select an HCAHPS category and review the accompanying survey questions. Second, you will need to research evidence based practices, where possible, to develop ideas on how facilities can increase their scores in the area you selected. Finally, you will create a document such as checklist or a brochure that can be handed out to management and staff as a tool to use to increase HCAHPS scores. Be creative when making your educational tool. Be sure to address why the HCAHPS are important to the organization as well as any benefits the nursing profession. Purpose You are to select an HCAHPS category. You are to research the category and devise a plan to help facilities score well in the selected category. Develop 4–5 recommendations on how to improve scores in the selected area. You will complete an educational presentation and present to peers or places of employment. Practice Experience Directions: 1. Your presentation must include: A description of the selected category. Why the HCAHPS and the selected category is important. Describe the impact of the HCAHPS and the selected category has on patient outcomes and the organization. Steps that a facility can take to get a high score in the selected area. 2. Submit your assignment it to the Dropbox for grading. Assignment Requirements Review the survey on this website and determine the issues surrounding your chosen topic: Survey of patients’ experiences (HCAHPS). (n.d.). Retrieved from Background on Healthcare Consumers Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) IHI Triple Aim for Populations: HCAHPS Survey Categories/ Topics Your Care From Nurses (Questions 1–4) Your Care from Doctors (Questions 5–9) Your experiences in the hospital (Questions 10–17) When you left the hospital (Questions 18–20) Understanding your care when you left the hospital (Questions 23–25) Criteria Your educational project can be in any format (brochure, PowerPoint, Word document, etc.). Write your original response in Standard English using proper APA format; paying special attention to grammar, style and mechanics. Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples where asked. Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated. Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another. Your paper should be highly organized, logical and focused. You should have a minimum of three academically credible sources from outside of the course materials. Your sources and content should follow proper APA format. Review the APA formats found in the Writing Center. Review the grading Rubric to ensure all points have been captured in the presentation. Directions for submitting your Assignment: Submit project to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox before midnight ET on the last day of the unit. Submit your project to the discussion question area before midnight ET on the last day of the unit.

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