Does the nudism movement promote a healthy body image?

August 4, 2019 Off All,

Essay Requirements: An introduction that provides context on the topic, eases the reader into your essay and has a “hook” that grabs people’s attention. A thesis statement or controlling idea that takes a strong stand and is narrow enough to cover within the page limit e.g. if your umbrella topic is “Does the nudism movement promote a healthy body image?” you would have to narrow that down into a more focused topic that fits into that larger topic. Research is a secondary concern and personal voice is first. Transitional topic sentences that are clear, provocative, develop your thesis, and provide unity in your essay. Body paragraphs that have a transition, a topic sentence, multiple examples, and a concluding sentence. You must use 8 Sources from the Source Log in the Research Paper The Quote Sandwich model (lead-in, quote, and analysis of quote) must be used with each quote. Some analysis of all your supporting examples. A conclusion that offers some ideas about what can be done about the situation. Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated. MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page are required for this paper. 2 Primary Sources 2 Scholarly Journal Articles (Go to Ebscohost or other library databases) 1 Newspaper or magazine or Book or e-book 1 Data-driven/based sources e.g. stats or surveys 1 Web-based Sources 1 Choice Sources

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