Does working remotely or teleworking benefit and translate to better employee productivity? (600 words)

Teleworking in the modern era

Working remotely has been a frequent term used by people in this modern world. It has been made possible by globalization and the presence of the internet, which connect people from different parts of the world to job opportunities. The benefits that working remotely offer outweigh any disadvantage that it may have. The population in the world continues to increase with job opportunities becoming limited, and remote working helps people earn income from the comfort of their homes. It benefits all the people, but mainly I would like to give the scenario of a mother who has given birth, vulnerable people such as the physically disabled and senior citizens in the community. As of 2013, approximately 3 million people were teleworking, and the number has increased due to the benefits it offers.


Benefits of teleworking or working remotely

One of the benefits of teleworking is reducing traveling, real estate, and other expenses for the organization and the worker. Teleworking helps people to be more productive since there is little time wasted and resources such as the cost of traveling and renting a place for an organization. However, this practice works for different sectors, while it is not possible for some critical ones such as medicine and banking. Organizations have seen the benefits of teleworking, and some have chosen to embrace it primarily by reducing the costs associated with hiring contract laborers. Though there has been criticism on teleworking, one of the reasons given has been that employees may not be keen when teleworking with the environment plays a pivotal role in the production level.


The second benefit is that individuals will better balance their family and work life. Taking the instance of a mother who has given birth, teleworking offers her the advantage of working and taking care of the child. An individual can work at any moment they feel comfortable provided they meet the set deadlines. It also benefits the government as to when individuals can work remotely, they earn an income and reduce the dependence on government benefit programs. The outcomes for teleworking have been employee retention, increased organizational loyalty, improved productivity, and job satisfaction. Working from home requires a lot of discipline as there will be no one to check on you, and there may be a disturbance, maybe from friends or neighbors.

Another benefit of teleworking is that it creates job opportunities and gives people the ability to be economically independent. Many opportunities have been developed for the people, and the revenue generated is used to improve an individual’s social and economic status and hence society. More income can be earned when an individual does several jobs, which is better than full-time employment since there is flexibility in this type of employment. It can also suit people from different backgrounds such as age or gender. The success that one can achieve in teleworking is highly dependent on the efforts one puts into their job.

Teleworking Impact of remote working to individuals and organizations

Remotely working is highly beneficial to both an individual and organizations. Some of the benefits it offers are reducing the costs regarding traveling and renting office spaces, enabling individuals to balance their work and family life better, and providing people with job opportunities. It has been successful as the number of teleworking people has been increasing each day in many parts of the world. Discipline and a lot of effort need to be employed by an individual to succeed in teleworking. There are challenges encountered by those teleworking, but through creating a good schedule, they can avoid the obstacles. I would like in the future to telework as I would want freedom and flexibility in what I do and have a chance to earn more money by doing more jobs through teleworking.

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