Endpoint Protection Platform Review (800 words).


Endpoint Protection Platforms ensure that the users and the data they access over the network are protected. While organizations focus more on network and data security, aspects such as endpoint protection are equally as important. Considering that Sifers-Grayson uses the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, employees and all the clients will continue to access information on the network. Since the organization does not manage the devices, they threaten network security. A breach of the network’s security will negatively impact the organization as the intruders can access some of the sensitive information. Some implications are that security breaches can bring data theft and data leakage (Morrow, 2012). To prevent this, Sifers-Grayson can employ the use of Endpoint protection platforms. EPPs can identify sensitive data, notify the user if malware tries to access sensitive data, and block the malware (Nate, 2017). Adopting the use of EPP by Sifers-Grayson will be beneficial, and it will allow the employees to focus more on their work rather than trying to protect data.

Features, capabilities, and deficiencies.

The Endpoint Protection platform I would recommend for Sifers-Grayson users is Symantec Endpoint Protection. The product was created by Symantec Corporation, which is an American software-based company with offices in California, United States (Slaughter, 2014). One of its features is that it notifies users when there is a network threat. It will allow the user to remove the device from the network and inform the administrator. The second feature is that it automatically detects viruses and spyware programs and blocks them from accessing the user’s data. The third feature is protecting the users from phishing. Symantec has incorporated a feature that allows the platform to detect attackers and lure them into revealing their details, which will then be blocked permanently. Another feature is allowing the user to have the full audit log after scanning their devices. That will help identify any malicious programs, block them or notify the organization’s administrator. It allows users to submit threats to the organization so the company can look at it and give a solution. One capability Symantec has is that it can be installed in most versions of MacBooks. It is easy to install the software as there are simple instructions that the employees can use. Upgrading to new versions is also easy if the user has purchased the latest software versions. One of Symantec’s deficiencies is that the new updates they build to improve endpoint security are available to those who have subscribed. That means that employees with an expired version of the platform will be unable to update. It will be a risk as intruders may have identified a fault in the previous version and will use that to access data on the devices or the network.

Discussion of Symantec.

When the employees of Sifers-Grayson adopt the use of the software, they will reduce the risk of exposing the data they handle. Symantec’s notification feature helps notify users when there is an unwanted program or intruder who wants to access their data. The software can automatically block them, ensuring data security for the employees and the organization. Using Symantec will increase resistance to threats and attacks that intruders may cause. The EPP protects some useful tools that the employees use in their everyday operations. That includes emails and web browsers. Scanning the devices allows the user to identify malicious programs that they may have and block or uninstall them. Since the users are the ones who manage the platform, they will be able to decrease vulnerabilities when they install the software. The presence of an anti-phishing feature is also beneficial to the users as Symantec can access the details and remotely block them, preventing any malicious activity they may have wanted to do. It is also easy to install and update therefore ensuring the software will allows be up to date and protecting the devices and data of the employees of Sifers-Grayson.


I would highly recommend that Sifers-Grayson consider using Symantec to provide their employees’ endpoint protection for Apple MacBook laptop computers. One of the benefits is that the company frequently offers updates for its products. Once the users have updated their software, they can be guaranteed that their devices and data will be secure. The second benefit is that Symantec has most of the features that will ensure device and data security for the employees. Some features include an anti-phishing feature, automatic detection of malware and spyware, and an audit log and notification feature. The third benefit is that it is easy to install and use. Ease of use allows the users to set the settings and protect their devices easily. Symantec also allows its users to send malicious programs so they can audit them and provide feedback. When the employees install the software, they will be guaranteed excellent endpoint protection; hence their devices and data will be secure.

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