WAN connections impact on businesses (350 words).

WAN connections impact on businesses

Question 1.

Having two redundant WAN connections allows business continuity in the organization in case one of the links fails. Since most of the resources are stored online, network connectivity will be needed to ensure business continuity. Having two WAN connections reduces the impact the organization can experience during downtime. When Sifers-Grayson has a single network, and there is a failure, there will be nothing to rely on, and the organization will be adversely affected. But with redundant networks, when the primary connection goes down, the other one will be used, ensuring Sifers-Grayson has access to resources stored online and no business will be affected.  

Question 2.

The security vulnerability of the WAN connection is having the two connections buried underground while also running together. In situations with physical damage, both the high-speed fiber optic cable and the copper cable from the telco will be affected. The result will be the destruction of network connectivity for the organization, which will affect some of the operations. One physical damage can be when people dig trenches around the area where the cables run without knowing their presence. Sifers-Grayson can select one connection to be stationed elsewhere and not run together to avoid this. 

Question 3.

  1. Redundant network cables should be wired separately. When planning how and where to place the network cables, other factors such as the potential for being affected by a fire, water, and cable cuts should be considered (Marianne 54). 
  2. Selection of hardware and software. To ensure the needs of all the people are met, the number of users to use the system should first be established and the best selected. The best software should also be selected and installed to guarantee security in the network. That will help to ensure no unauthorized users will have access to the network. 
  3. Use of wireless broadband technology. Sifers-Grayson should consider the use of wireless broadband, which is good for networking a wide area. The benefit is that it can be a good alternative for network cabling. It is cheap to install as antennae will be the ones needed to be installed in various locations.


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