How to Place Your Order

How It Works
At Distinguished Nursing Papers we guarantee original and authentic nursing papers for our customers. The nursing papers follow the stipulated instructions and are plagiarism-free.

How to Place Your Order
To enhance the satisfaction of our customers, we have created a direct and easy process of placing an order. Once one clicks the order now button, a form is displayed where one inputs the requested information.

The first part of the form handles the instructions of the desired nursing paper. In the part, you must provide information like the topic of your nursing paper, subject area, number of pages, references needed, language style, academic level, writing style and the delivery time of your nursing paper. The form has an order description portion where you provide the tutor or professors requirements.
In case you have specific resources that must be used, we ask that you upload them. We also ask for bibliographical information in case you do not have the resources so that our nursing writers can retrieve them from our various databases.
Your nursing order price is calculated as you provide the details and it is displayed in the form.
The last part of the form is the signup. At this point, you have to input details like full name, email address, and contact phone number. The information is useful in case of an emergency and we guarantee that it is secure and protected. You also input a username and password that you will be using to access your account.
Once all the required fields are filled, you click on the Proceed To Checkout button and your account is automatically created.
Your Account Page
The account page created makes you a lifetime member at Distinguished Nursing Papers and its purpose is:

Uploading resources to your writer
Receiving and sending messages to your writer
Checking the progress of your nursing order.
Receiving drafts for approval
Contacting customer support.
Receiving the final draft for approval.
Requesting revisions in case the nursing paper does not match your specifications.
Making Payment
Your order is assigned to a writer after you make the payment. Once you click on Proceed to checkout, the nursing order you created is displayed and you are asked to select the payment method of your choice. We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.
To process your payment we use a third-party processor with an SSL certification used by almost all large retailers so your financial information is secure.
Once the payment is done, a confirmation message is sent to your email. We advise our clients to immediately check the message to ensure that the information provided is correct. In case of any mistakes, contact us immediately via live chat, phone or support email. We are already assigning your order to one of our nursing writers and we want them to have accurate details to deliver the best nursing paper they can.
Order completion
Once the order is complete, you click on it and download as a Word or PDF document. You then review it and request for any revisions. If the nursing order is done per your instructions, you then approve it.
Throughout the entire process, we want you to stay in touch with us and your writer because transparency and communication are what we offer our customers.

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