Importance of evaluating milestones achievements for outpatient pediatric patients (300 words).

Milestones Achievements

Establishing their health status is the first importance of evaluating milestone achievement for the outpatient pediatric population. It will be in comparison to the previous milestone assessed. If the health condition improves, the practitioner can then know what will be useful to the patient. If not, the nursing practitioner can recommend a better method to ensure the patient’s health status improves. Tobin notes that evaluating milestones is an excellent method of indirectly providing patient supervision (Tobin, 2017). Evaluation helps prevent the spread of diseases from one pediatric patient to another as, through evaluation, the signs and symptoms can be noted beforehand.
The second importance is that it will enable the family nurse practitioner to make an informed decision when prescribing a drug or treatment. Record keeping will also improve, and the practitioner can prevent the occurrence of various diseases in patients. The evaluation can then be stored and used in the future in treating the patient. Through the assessment, the family nurse practitioner can easily establish some diseases a patient can be prone to getting and how they can be prevented. The parents of the pediatric patient can then be aware of their children’s medical condition and understand what is required of them.
The third importance is that it will ensure the family nursing practitioner understands the patients’ health. It will be in the instance when the nurse who provided treatment the previous time is not available. Evaluating milestone achievement will help to ensure a good transition. Choe indicates that milestone evaluation will guarantee patients’ safety as the decision-making will be good (Choe, 2016). Understanding the patient’s medical condition through evaluating milestone achievement helps improve the patients’ quality of life.

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