How companies can manage barriers to sustainability (380 words).

How companies can manage barriers to sustainability.

Sustainable development is the management of cultural, economic, and social factors to ensure human beings live comfortably. Due to several factors, sustainability is not achieved globally, and managing these factors can be critical in ensuring that future generations will not be affected (Blewitt 2017). UAE, through its leaders, launched an initiative to ensure the use of a green economy in its long-term plans to support economic growth. The initiative aimed to ensure UAE will be the global leader in the exportation of green technology products. The sectors in focus were transport, agriculture, and energy, and their adoption was to ensure a sustainable environment that would support economic development (Khaleej Times 2012).
One of the barriers to sustainability in the UAE has been political ignorance and human greed. Increased efforts have been put in place to attract investors who will come to invest in UAE with no focus on ensuring sustainability will be maintained (Jesper 2009). Another barrier to sustainability is the lack of controlled productivity. The population is growing in the region at a high rate, and the economy is affected with no regulation put in place. Jesper states that the increase in population has resulted in an open economic system that does not guarantee an increase in production that will ensure the employment of the people (Jesper 2009).
One of the ways that can be used to manage these barriers includes government regulation. For instance, buildings consume 90% of all the energy in UAE, but that can be improved to ensure sustainability for economic development (Moncef 2017). It can be done by ensuring the government permits people who will adopt green technology in the building, reducing energy consumption in the country. Another way to manage the barriers will be by creating and adopting environmental policies and standards. The government can look at the effects various entities are causing on the environment and economy and develop frameworks to help manage the situation (Faizul 2017). Success in achieving sustainability requires efforts from all the stakeholders (Stavins 2003). Using the case of the UAE, achieving prosperity by adopting the green economy, the country should involve the people by ensuring awareness is created. Managing the barriers to sustainability will ensure the people benefit, and the future of the coming generation will be guaranteed.

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