Michigan State Admission Essay (300 words)

Life is a journey, and the best part is learning from the experiences we encounter every day. One memorable encounter was when my uncle, who is quite young, asked me to go out with him to window shop cars. Once we arrived at the showroom, we met a middle-aged woman who was the saleslady. My uncle inquired about some models of vehicles the price and asked to have a test drive. The lady was rude to us and did not approve our request due to the judgment that she had already formed based on the price of the car. Being young made my uncle not look like a potential client who would buy the car. She said that we should come back and get the car when we get money, which was offensive since you cannot judge someone by just looking at them. She left us there, and my uncle felt agitated about how we were treated.
He requested to see the manager, who gladly welcomed us and asked what the problem was. My uncle explained he wanted to have a test drive on one of the cars and then consider buying it. He allowed us to have the test drive, and once we were back, my uncle stated that it was a good car and he was going to take it. To the surprise of the saleslady and the manager, he sent the money from the company’s bank account and was allowed to have the car. I was also amazed since I was not expecting he was going to purchase the vehicle. I did nothing at that moment, considering how the saleslady treated us. If someone treated me in such a way when I wanted to purchase something, I would remain calm and go ahead and buy it. That situation impacted me, and one great lesson I learned was that I should never judge a person but understand them. I also realized that treating people nicely does not change who we are; it positively impacts people’s lives.

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