The role of Gutenberg in reformation (300 words)

The role of Gutenberg in reformation

Johannes Gutenberg was a German who introduced the printing press to many parts of Europe. Through his work, he profoundly influenced the reformation process as more people in the world could now access the Bible. Gutenberg loved to travel and read, and through reading, his love for God grew as he saw the need to spread God’s word to many people. The first book he printed using his press that had made him spend many sleepless nights was the Holy Bible.
In his book, Henry explains the culture influenced human thinking during history. By discovering the printing press and purposely printing the Bible, Gutenberg changed the way people thought, and the culture still impacts us in the modern world. Religion was one of the aspects that were influenced, and this is through the work of people like Johannes Gutenberg. Missionaries could spread the word of God better since they could use the Bible printed through the idea of Gutenberg for reference. People could able be able to read and relate to the word being spread; hence the number of people who became Christians increased. The invention revived freedom and faith among the people, and it is considered one of the most significant events to have occurred in the world.
Improving the readability of the Bible made people more interested, and they could understand the word of God and spread it to other people. If Gutenberg had not discovered the printing press at that time, the reformation process would have gone through a long cycle; hence he profoundly influenced reformation in the world. Printing technology’s absence limited other reformers who had dedicated their time and resources to write about reformation, and the invention made the reformation process in the world successful.

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