Reflect on your personal and professional beliefs and how they relate to nursing philosophies. Choose one of the following formats

Reflect on your personal and professional beliefs and how they relate to nursing philosophies.Choose one of the following formats:Option one: Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, formatted according to APA guidelines.Address the connection between one personal belief, one professional belief, and one nursing philosophy.Include the following:Identify one personal and one professional belief. Identify one nursing philosophy and describe the major concepts. Explain how and why it is related to your beliefs.Discuss how the philosophy may affect your decision making in patient-centered practice.Describe either a situation when you had to make decisions while taking care of a patient or a situation in which you had to make a difficult choice in patient-centered practice. Discuss the decisions you made and the basis on which you made the decisions.Apply the philosophy you chose to the situation you described. Analyze the situation using the philosophy and describe how the philosophical concept(s) could have guided your decision making differently.Include how the philosophy will influence your role in patient-centered practice in the future.Research a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to support your work, and reference them within your paper or video blog. Include an APA-formatted reference page.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Grading Criteria: Application of Personal and Professional BeliefsContent7 points possiblePoints possiblePoints earnedIdentifies one personal and one professional belief1Explains the concept of a philosophy and why you subscribe to the philosophy1Discusses how the philosophy impacts decision making in patient-centered practice1Describes a personal experience that required a decision in patient-centered care and why that decision was made1Applies the personal and professional philosophies to the identified situation1Analyzes the situation using the philosophy1Describes how the philosophy might influence the role of patient-centered care in the future1Format3 points possiblePoints possiblePoints earnedFollows rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation.6Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow.6Includes reference page consistent with APA guidelines for formatting and citation of outside works.6Contains the required word count/time.6Cites/mentions a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources.6Total10

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