Scholarship Admission Essay (650 words).

Scholarship Admission Essay

Three years ago, a major change in my life happened. My family and I left my home in Istanbul, Turkey, and migrated to the United States. I have experienced hardship, poverty, and struggles in the past three years. However, with all my struggles, I learned how to be committed and hardworking, and I believed that it would all pay off in the end if I kept delivering my very best without any excuses. Upon my arrival to the United States, my family and I had no one to help us settle and adjust to our new home. People we thought we knew took advantage of us, especially in financial terms, as we knew nothing of how things were in the states. However, my family was determined for me to sign up for school and continue my education, as this was a priority for them. My worries were very small compared to my family’s worries at that time, which I knew nothing about because they always tried to hide the troubles from my siblings and me. When I wanted to sign up for my new high school, I was considered a senior. However, due to my English language skills, I was forced to take ESOL classes to enhance my English skills. I could perfect English within one year, catch up with my school, and graduate with all my other classmen. Little did I know that struggle had just begun for my family and me, as we were doing bad financially, and I and my family, which consists of five members including me, had to stay in a bedroom apartment. Yet, this did not stop my family from supporting me after graduating high school, as they wanted me to attend a four-year university and finish my education. I then signed up for Houston Community College as I knew that this step was essential for me to pursue my college education. I started attending school full time and working as a waitress to support my family with their bills and the rent. At a certain point, I saw no silver lining in what I was doing because of the situation that I was going through, but then I saw my family, who sacrificed many things so I could get to where I am today. I promised myself never to let them down and achieve what they always wanted me to achieve, not just to make them proud but also to lift them up and help them through their struggles.
I no longer want to just finish my college education and get a degree in business. Still, I am very determined now and more than ever to finish my master’s degree in business management in one of the IV league schools. My ultimate career goal is to open up an elementary school of my own and make it free of charge for low-income families, but at the same time make the school compete with other private profitable schools in terms of the educational level because I strongly believe that every student should have equal opportunities when it comes to education and no one has to choose work over school just to get by. I believe that education is a right for everyone, even if they cannot afford it.
Getting this scholarship would be very beneficial for me. The reasons why I am saying this are many. For example, this scholarship would allow me to help support my family, which in return will give me more time to focus on my classes and less time for work. I believe I am one of the best candidates for this scholarship, not because of the things that I have gone through, as I am sure many other students have gone through as well, but simply because I will not let it go to waste. I will fully take advantage of this opportunity as I have been demonstrating for the past previous semesters.

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