Admission Essay (550 words)

Admission Essay.

Education for me it’s not just a key, it is the tool that we all can use to make the world a better place. Growing up in Istanbul, life was normal for me, and I would take life as it was. Then three years ago, my family decided to move to the United States. At first, adapting to the environment was difficult due to the hardships we were going through. Despite the financial challenges my family had to go through, my parents sacrificed all they had so that I would enroll in school and continue my education. The instance changed my perception of life, and I decided to strive to be a better person in the future. I applied and was enrolled in senior high school, and the experience of changing the environment helped me to be wiser. I had to register for ESOL classes to improve my English skills, and within a year, I had mastered the language and could catch up with the other students, and after some time, I graduated.
Little did I know that after graduation, that was when the real struggle in the quest for education would begin. Financially, my family was struggling as my parents found it difficult to support my two siblings and me. Despite the financial struggles, my parents ensured that they had some savings to put me through Houston Community College. The struggles I was going through inspired me to work hard in my education and be the best. I majored in business and expected to finish my associate degree next semester. To make ends meet, I was a full-time waitress and a full-time student. The little I received from the job helped me to ensure my family was as comfortable as it would cater to some of the needs. My view of life has been changing, and I yearn to be the best in what I do every day. Previously, I was determined to finish my college education and get a good job. That has changed as I now desire to get a master’s degree in business management in one of the IV league schools and use the education to help others.
Two qualities I have learned through the hardships I have been going through are hard work and ambition. Getting the scholarship would benefit me as it would help me achieve some of my dreams. In my quest for education, I have struggled due to financial difficulties. I want to use the knowledge I receive to ensure other people would have access to education. My career goal is to open an elementary school with the target being low-income families. My dream is to see the school compete with other private institutions regarding the quality of education and contribute to shaping more people’s lives. Education is an essential tool, and it teaches people how to think and when more people have access to it, the world will be a better place. Through the struggles I have been through, I would ensure that I fully optimize the opportunity. It would also help me concentrate more on my education and reduce my family’s financial burden. I would highly appreciate the opportunity and continue striving to exceed my life expectations.

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