The Value of Critical Thinking as a Registered Nurse


Paper details:

Scholarly Essay Information *Read Carefully Based on your chosen and approved topic in assignment one (scholarly essay plan), create a scholarly paper detailing the position you have taken on the issue. The final polished paper is to be 4-5 pages excluding cover page and references on a topic/issue/construct related to concept outline in the course syllabus/course readings. In your paper, be sure to use the thesis statement developed in your scholarly essay plan (change as needed from the plan based on any feedback received from your essay plan or changes that you see fit) that takes a position or argument to analyze your topic/issue/construct so that the reader develops a balanced understanding of it, i.e. go beyond just a description of the topic. Your final paper should contain the following: Introduction identifying your topic and its significance. The introduction should include your thesis statement. Your thesis statement need not to be identified as such, it is a statement that you work into your introductory paragraph. You should also include the objectives or purpose of the argument or analysis. Usually 1-2 paragraphs at the most. In Scholarly writing, paragraphs are usually 3-5 sentences each. Avoid page-long paragraphs. A writing tip for you is the following: Sentence one – what is the topic Sentence two – the significance of your topic Sentence three – your thesis statement Sentence 4 (and 5 if needed) – tell the reader how your will defend or support your thesis statement, something along the lines of “the following essay will take the format of….” General discussion of topic/issue/construct with references to literature from your review in assignment #1 and other sources of evidence to support your argument or analysis. Pick 2-3 approaches to your subject to defend that can be presented in different paragraphs or subheadings in your paper. I cannot stress enough that you need to support any statements that are not general everyday knowledge with a reference. Avoid making ‘sweaping’ statements about things that are ‘your’ opinion. Although you may be correct in your opinion, it must be supported by a reference Implications for nursing and conclusions. *** No first person writing and please review spelling, grammar, APA, and your originality report BEFORE submitting FYI, if you use your identical intro/thesis statement (which is perfectly fine in this assignment), it may show up in your originality report as previously submitted work. Not to worry, I have this noted and I will not remove any marks for doing so as this is permitted for this assignment.

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