Trends Analysis and Forecast in Healthcare (550 words)

Trends that will impact nursing and healthcare in the coming decade.

Healthcare is an essential aspect of society that will be impacted by continued innovation that continues to take place in the world. One of the trends that will affect nursing and healthcare provided for care home funding. If funding continues to be cut by the local authorities, more care homes are likely to be closed since people will be unable to pay for the cost of healthcare. The second trend is forecast for healthcare. Healthcare will continue to be a challenge to the government due to the high cost, and this forecast will affect the quality of healthcare given to the people. The third trend is the adoption of cloud technology in the health sector. Managing all aspects of healthcare will become more comfortable, leading to improvement in the health sector.

Analysis of the Impact on Nursing and Health Care.

Cost and access to healthcare are some of the significant challenges this sector faces. If cloud technology is implemented, the problems will be addressed, making people’s quality of life improve. Peters explains that the current healthcare system in the united states has created a disparity where the affluent in the society can access the best healthcare. For the poor and vulnerable, they cannot access quality healthcare which is a need for every person despite their economic background. Another critical issue that affects nursing and healthcare, as stated by the author, is the rising insurance cost. When the cost of health insurance rises, people cannot pay, which has been a cause of concern since thousands of people die each year since they did not buy an insurance cover. When cloud technology is adapted in the healthcare sector, quality healthcare will be cheaper and more pervasive. 

Creates or Contributes to an Unmet Need for Specific Group, Unit, or Organization.

One need that will be met by adopting cloud technology is reducing the world that doctors will be doing. One example that Peters gives is the home monitoring system that is cheap and will be used to perform tasks such as measuring a patient’s blood sugar, urinalysis, blood pressure, and others. It will reduce congestion in healthcare facilities and the cost of traveling to meet the doctors. The practitioners will also be able to communicate with many patients and do a medical follow-up in the comfort of their offices. 

Another need to be met will be improving record keeping in healthcare facilities. Healthcare professionals will now be able to retrieve the patient’s medical records in a fast and efficient manner. The data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed remotely by those authorized to do so. It will help reduce the cost of healthcare and the number of deaths associated with delayed treatment due to taking a long time to retrieve patients’ data. 

The adoption of cloud technology will profoundly impact nursing and healthcare in the coming decade. The benefit will bring reducing the cost of healthcare and improving efficiency that will improve healthcare quality. Communication between all the stakeholders will also be improved as all the patient’s data will be linked together. Implementing the technology will improve the quality of healthcare, leading to economic development and improving the quality of lives of people living in the world.

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