Understanding hypothesis testing

You have been given the final results of this study. What are your conclusions? Describe your conclusions and how you derived them. See this week’s Announcements for examples of how a conclusion should be written. RQ: To what extent does our new composite material improve load-bearing capacity of aircraft wings? Ha: Aircraft wings constructed with the new composite material will have greater load bearing capacity than aircraft wings that are not constructed with the new material. H0: There is no difference between composite aircraft wing load bearing capacity and other aircraft wings. Sample: Aircraft wings constructed with a new composite material. Population: Aircraft wings in general. Confidence Interval: 95% Population Mean = 59.945, Sample N=50, Sample X-bar=61, Sample SD=4, p=.034 For full credit, your original post should be submitted by the fourth day of the module week. You must respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts with substantive posts of your own by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the seventh day of the module week. For all graded discussions: Initial post should be at least 150 words. You must respond to at least two other students with substantive feedback (at least 75 words each). Grading Rubric Part I: 10 Points – How the analysis was derived Conclusion 5 Points – Test that was conducted 5 Points – Description of the data 5 Points – Confidence interval selected 5 Points – One or two tail test selected 10 Points – T-critical value(s) 10 Points – Test statistics (t-stat) 5 Points – Decision to reject or not reject the null hypothesis by comparing the t-critical value to the test statistics 5 Points – Statistically significant statement

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